writing quality instruction commentary include1 H u m a n i t i e s

writing quality instruction commentary include1 H u m a n i t i e s

Instruction commentary across disciplines have a few things in common, such as asking about classroom environment, engagement, prior knowledge, analysis of teaching, and future changes. Most of the answers to commentary questions require citation of video clip evidence. A few general considerations for writing quality instruction commentary include

1) Addressing all parts of the question
2) Referencing video evidence, i.e. including clip number and time stamps
3) Elaborating on evidence shown in video clips
4) Maximizing page count

Which lesson or lessons are shown in the video clip(s)? Identify the lesson(s) by lesson plan number.

2.Promoting a Positive Learning Environment

Refer to scenes in the video clip(s) where you provided a safe, respectful, and organized learning environment.

a.Describe how you provided a positive, low-risk emotionally and physically safe environment.

b.Explain how rules, routines, and transitions maximized students’ engagement in the lesson.

3.Engaging Students in Learning

Refer to examples from the video clip(s) in your response to the prompt.

a.Explain how you actively engaged students in learning tasks aligned with the objectives of the lesson in the psychomotor domain and at least one other learning domain (cognitive, affective).h.

4.Strengthening Student Competencies

Refer to examples from the video clip(s) in your explanations.

a.Explain how you actively monitored students’ actions during the learning task(s) and asked questions or provided corrective feedback to improve student competencies.

b.Explain how you used instructional cues/prompts, explorations/demonstrations, and/or student analysis of their own and/or others’ psychomotor skills to develop student competencies in the psychomotor and at least one other learning domain (cognitive, affective).

5.Analyzing Teaching

Refer to examples from the video clip(s) in your responses to the prompts.

a.What changes would you make to your instruction—for the whole class and/or for students who need greater support or challenge—to better support student learning of the central focus (e.g., missed opportunities)?

b. Why do you think these changes would improve student learning? Support your explanation with evidence of student learning AND principles from theory and/or research.

*I have written down the things that I have done. However, I need help with expanding it and make it more articulate. There is an example of how it should look or what the assignment is looking for. I have attached below all the teaching materials that I have used in my lesson.