)? write three thoughtful replies H u m a n i t i e s

)? write three thoughtful replies H u m a n i t i e s



Be sure to read carefully. Where asked to describe, you must actually explain with detail. Lists or bullet points will not be accepted for full credit. Please use full sentences and support any statements or claims that you make with course materials.

Use the text box at the bottom to number, then reply to each of the questions. Where sub-questions exists, please follow the format provided in the question (bullet point, letter, etc.).

Use the grading rubric (on the top right) for further grading criteria.


1) Compare and contrast the practices and beliefs of Haitian Vodoun to Santeria.

  • Be sure to include a comparison of their origins and histories, in addition to their beliefs and practices.

2) Under what conditions do revitalization movements occur?

  • Do any of these conditions exist in the United States? If so, explain and provide support.

3) Select one of the revitalization movement case studies provided in the textbook and (1) identify what type of revitalization movement it is and (2) explain/support your claim with evidence.

4) List all of the characteristics of high demand religions (we don’t use “cult”, remember!).

  • After you’ve listed these characteristics and understand what they mean…
    • Select one of the HDR case studies (Branch Davidians, Unification Church, Heaven’s Gate, or Raelians) and identify, then describe, all of the characteristics of HDRs (listed previously) that apply.

    DiscussionPlease write a minimum of three paragraphs (paragraphs should be 4-8 sentences in length) for your first post (original post: this cannot be divided into multiple posts– the 7 points is based solely on the first submission, whether blank, partial, or full: make it count!) discuss/describe revitalization movements and high demand religions.

    • Based on the different types of revitalization movements, what sorts of generalizations can we make about the social, economic and other reasons these arise?
    • In what way did movements such as Paganism, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, High Demand Religions, and Fundamentalism display some of the generalization revitalization movements arise?
    • Based on the content of this chapter, what overarching, broad-scale, themes do you notice among these case studies of revitalization movements? What are some of the differences?
    • What sort of functional explanation might you give to explain revitalization movements (a specific one or all of them)?

    Write three thoughtful replies to three original posts that stood out to you. Point DistributionRefer to the Module 2 discussion forum for guidelines for discussion posts. 7 Points- Your original post- responses should include insight related to the prompt and include specific details, such as case studies or cultural examples, for support. 3 Points- Thoughtful, topic-related replies to classmates. Avoid, “I agree”-type statements and discuss why you agree and elaborate, to show you understand the course materials.Grading Rubric: Please use the gear at the top of the page to review the Discussion Grading Rubric.