write 1 – 2 paragraphs explaining H e a l t h M e d i c a l

write 1 – 2 paragraphs explaining H e a l t h M e d i c a l

In order to plan an appropriate and
effective intervention, you need to choose a suitable theory or model of
health behavior and design program activities according to its
constructs. You will also need to think about how the activities you
create can be tailored to your specific target population. Once you’ve
developed program activities, you can also complete a program logic
model that shows the intended and expected relationships between program
components and the intended outcomes. A logic model is useful as a
planning tool, an implementation guide, and an evaluation resource. In
this assignment, you will complete a basic logic model that represents
the components of your program.

Finally, once the intervention has been
designed and the program components are clear, it is time to plan for
program implementation. Even the most well-planned program will never be
effective in achieving the intended outcomes if it is not implemented.
Many health promotion programs are not implemented directly by those who
plan them, rather they must be implemented by those in a position to
reach the target population. In addition, those in a position to
implement the program may not be the decision-makers responsible for
choosing to adopt a program. To plan for program implementation, you
must determine who will adopt and implement the program, explore any
potential barriers to adoption, and establish the expected program
implementation tasks.


In this Assignment, you will: choose a theory or model of health
behavior to guide the creation of program activities, justify your
choice, create program activities, create a program logic model, and
develop a program implementation plan.

Your Assignment should be approximately 3–4
pages in length, written in primarily essay format and include
appropriate supporting citations and references in APA format. Address
the following topics:

  1. Write an introduction that describes why theory is useful and
    important in the design of health promotion interventions. (1–2
  2. Choose a theory or model of health behavior to guide the creation of
    program activities from this list: Health Belief Model, Theory of
    Reasoned Action, Theory of Planned Behavior, Transtheoretical
    Model/Stages of Change, Social Cognitive Theory, Social Ecological
  3. Explain why you selected this theory or model. Your explanation should include: (3–4 paragraphs)
    1. a brief overview of the theory/model including its major constructs,
    2. a discussion of why it is appropriate for your program purpose and target population,
    3. evidence of this theory’s/model’s suitability for your program.
  1. Create at least 1 program activity based on each construct of the
    theory or model you chose. Explain which program objective(s) is
    supported by each activity. Make sure you have at least one program
    activity to support each objective. (2–4 paragraphs)
  2. Explain what is meant by tailoring program activities and describe
    steps you will take to tailor your activities to the target population.
    (1–2 paragraphs)
  3. Create a program logic model and write 1–2 paragraphs explaining
    your logic model. You may create your own model or use the template
    provided in Course Documents.
  4. Develop a program implementation plan that: (3–4 paragraphs)
    1. describes who will adopt the program,
    2. identifies potential barriers to program adoption and offers strategies to address barriers
    3. describes who will implement the program,
    4. identifies potential barriers to program implementation and offers strategies to address barriers, and
    5. establishes the expected program implementation tasks and timeline.
  1. Write a summarizing conclusion. (1 paragraph)