work toward offering evidence W r i t i n g

work toward offering evidence W r i t i n g

  1. Consider the hallmarks of writing assignment comments when developing comments. (See excellence in writing assignment comments below.)
  2. Develop three comments. It is strongly recommended that you write your responses in a word processing program (e.g. Word, Pages, OpenOffice) and save them before copying and pasting into the Reply text box, so that you have a back-up in case of browser or connection error.
  3. Click on the Reply link at the bottom left of the writing assignment on which you will be leaving a comment.

Type your response in the Reply text box. You can use the toolbar to check for spelling (highly recommended), format your text, or add a link.

When your comments are ready click on the “Post Reply” button at the bottom right.

Excellence in Writing Assignment Comments

Offering comments on writing assignments is an academic activity. Your knowledge and critical thought should be apparent in your comments. Students are assessed according to the quality of content, engagement and communication.

Review best practices below before you make comments.


  • Work toward offering evidence that you are knowledgeable about the concepts you’re discussing.
  • Apply critical thought when considering the topic being discussed.
  • Synthesize information from course content or other reliable sources when making comments on writing assignments.
  • There MUST be an intellectual connection between course content, writing assignment content and your comment.


  • Make sure you cut and paste your writing assignment 2A or 2B submission into commenting area BEFORE the open date.
  • Meet or exceed the minimum of 4 comments and make sure you comment on the contents of different writing assignments.
  • Aim to offer comments that exhibit a high level of reflection on significant areas or concepts within the writing assignment.


  • Deliver your comment using appropriate grammar and spelling.
  • Be clear, get to the point, ensure any personal perspective or experience shared highlights your knowledge on the topic and has an obvious purpose within the comment.