Video questions | Criminal homework help

Based on the film Murder on a Sunday Morning, please answer the questions below in a word document. Make sure to include both the questions and answers in your assignment. Points will be deducted if the questions are missing from your assignment. 

You should respond to the questions as though you are reporting information about the case to someone who knows nothing about it.

Please note that a one sentence answer will not suffice. A general approximation for the length of each answer is at least one full paragraph. If a question has multiple parts, please make sure to answer all parts sufficiently. 

The following guidelines will be used when grading this assignment: CCJ 3934 Writing Assignment RubricPreview the document

Questions (each question/response is worth 20 points for a combined total of 100 points):

  1. What was the crime that occurred on May 7th, 2000, in Jacksonville, FL and how did it lead to Brenton Butler becoming a suspect?
  2. What were the arguments of the defense in the case? What errors were made by police during the investigation? How could police have conducted a better investigation?
  3. Identify the evidence the prosecution had against Butler. What contradictions were presented in this evidence/testimony? Do you believe this evidence was enough to obtain a conviction? If not, what additional critical evidence would be needed?
  4. Under what circumstances was Detective Glover able to obtain a confession from Butler? Explain how Detective Darnell obtained the “written” confession.
  5. What was the outcome of the case? What were the reasons stated by jurors for reaching their verdict? Were you surprised by the outcome? Why or why not?


Approximately 250 words