value proposition definition inspired W r i t i n g

value proposition definition inspired W r i t i n g

**This is a Creativity and Innovation in Sports course**

This is my start-up idea: Watch-Shot Tracker would be a useful tool for tracking shots while athletes shoot hoops. Rebounding and tracking shots can get a little difficult sometimes. While I rebound for the Men’s basketball team I usually to keep track of their shots attempts and shots made but sometimes I tend to lose track. I feel this device will not only help me, but it will help the players have accurate numbers throughout the season. Also, this will keep the players on track to become a better shooter analytically. Therefore, by the end the workout I can put a tally together and see the percentage they shot. Then the next time around they can focus on shooting better.

Creativity and Innovation in Sport: Your Own Start Up Idea

In this course you learn how to hone your creative skills drawing from insights on how human creativity works from a cognitive point of view. Through a lean start-up approach, you learned that creativity is a form of joint invention through a process of customer discovery.

Acquiring methodologies for customer discovery and value proposition definition inspired to design thinking students are asked to develop your own idea of a start-up related to the sport industry. The development will be a term-long process, however, virtual communication and presentation of your startup idea will serve as your final exam in this class.

Assignment instructions:

Your paper should be around 6 -7 pages and contain the following parts:

a)Customer analysis => what is the need for the new idea/service/product you are about to set up (why do you think this new idea/product/service should be implemented?)

This product/service should be implemented into the basketball world for teams to have an accurate count of shots. Taking during a workout to keep the athletes. Highly motivated to get in the gym to see better result. Most of the time teams. Miscount shots taking and made. While doing other things on the court such as rebounding or starting another drill. I came across a player that not hear his shot count out loud, this product will help that athlete keep count on his own.

b)What is the (short) history of related developments (what has been already done or what literature you have read that shows you there is a niche market for this innovation?)

There aren’t many devices out there but one ones that are similar to this device is the shooting gun and many universities have that device. The different with this device is its more just a wrist band that will connect all your stats to your phone when you are finished. The niche for this market is all about having fun with It, instead of just showing kid numbers I want them to understand, improve their game and share the process.

c)IF there was any trial and error in related aspects please be sure to explain

There was a trial and error with a similar devices, but I feel these devices are outdated, also none of this devices evolved with time. I didn’t come around the one that became connect with a popular app such as snapchat, Instagram and twitter. I would like my customers to be able to enjoy the experience of having this fun.

d)Explain what the added value of your product is => what is innovative, new, creative that has not been implemented before

My product will be very social. Friendly, and athletes will be able to connect to their teammates, friends and family. It will be able to keep the athlete up to date with daily, weekly and months stats. For the most I want to show athletes the analytic side of sports to keep them motivated to shoot a better percentage the next time around or have consistence percentage that above average,

e)Briefly describe how would you try and enter the market (sort of short communication strategy for market entry)

I would love to reach out to all levels of basketball, starting with kids in high school and college. Ill like to start with high school kids to show them number will help them in college. A lot of kids don’t know how to look at a box score correctly. I feel this will help kids understand the game earlier rather than waiting to get to college to learn about how analytics can improve your game. At the college level I will need a few high major programs to show other this product is very useful for player development in just seconds of completing a on court workout