use reference db 1 — rachael — situation H u m a n i t i e s

use reference db 1 — rachael — situation H u m a n i t i e s

Respond to a colleague who selected a different case from yours with another approach to address the identified problem. What is the responsibility of the social workers working with Jose and/or Iris to advocate for a change in the social policy?

Use Reference

DB 1–


Situation for Policy Proposal Basis

Iris is a 78 year old divorced Caucasian female with no children who is currently living in an assisted living facility in a mid-sized city due to mobility issues. She currently struggles to walk to the bathroom in her facility. Her drivers license has been revoked due to three accidents in three weeks with the most recent being severe and resulting in her spending time in the hospital. Currently Iris reports increased depression due to her decreased independence and her inability to travel/drive (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014).

Summary of Policy Proposal

The policy currently being proposed is the creation of a program that pairs younger individuals with the elderly in assisted living facilities. These younger individuals would consist of volunteers, those who are seeking community service, and those who are involved in school programs that would benefit from exposure to working with the elderly. These younger individuals would meet with the elderly individuals to talk, go on outings, etc. with the assistance of a nurse from the facility who would be responsible for any medical needs the elderly individual would have while out.

Summary of Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to create a program that would foster an environment where the elderly would feel needed, appreciated, and stimulated through interactions with others outside of the assisted living environment and through trips to places within the community. This would allow the elderly individuals to share and teach the younger individuals as well. Through this program, we would be seeking to decrease depression and increase the mental wellbeing of those in assisted living facilities.

Summary of Trade-offs for Development

When creating proposals for policies individuals must consider and compare the benefits and limitations of different policy options; this is called a trade-off (Jansson, 2018). Policy options compared for this policy proposal include: improving assisted living facilities to make them resemble communities instead of hospitals, increasing funding for day trips for those in assisted living as well as for nursing staff to assist with the trips, having programs where younger individuals visit the elderly, and finally the proposed program explained above.


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Plummer, S.B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. (Eds.). (2014). Social work case studies: Concentration year. Laureate International Universities Publishing.



Post a brief summary of the policy proposal

In the case of Iris, she is a 78-year-old divorced female who lives alone. Her main source of income is her pension and Social Security Retirement(Plummer, Makris, Brocksen, 2013). After her divorce Iris began to have difficulties in her mobility due a fall. The community help meet Iris’s needs to arrange services in the home (Plummer, Makris, Brocksen, 2013). Iris has been in 3 car wrecks which one she recently ran over her foot and caused her to become hospitalized and transported to a long care facility. As a social worker we must focus on both the environment and the person ( Stuart, 1999). Iris is struggling with losing her independence and becomes depressed due to being placed in a facility. Most people like Iris, want to be independent in their community instead of a nursing facility. The policy proposal I would suggest would be to offer more assistance to the elderly population in the home who do not have Medicaid or Medicare insurance to prevent nursing home placement. These services would be paid by the local government and our tax dollars. The services would be for individuals to shop for the elderly population, pick up medication, transport to doctor’s appointment, and offer support and companionship when needed.

Purpose of Policy Proposal

The purpose of this policy is to create an environment and support system for the elderly to remain independent and stay in their community. This will give them the help and support they need to prevent falls, wrecks, or injuries.This will also prevent the elderly population from becoming depressed.

the trade-offs you used to develop your proposal.

According to Jansson (2018), Trade-off are beneficial for one outcome but have an adverse effect on the other issue. The trade-off utilized to create the proposal is that individuals will have to pay more in taxes to help fund the services that are not provided through Medicaid or Medicare to help the aging population. Therefore, when one becomes elderly and needs assistance with their daily ADLs, they will be able to receive the assistance and support they need from the government to continue to live in their community.


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