two primary moral theories covered W r i t i n g

two primary moral theories covered W r i t i n g

For the first essay, you will do the following:

Choose a contemporary moral issue that you care about. It might be abortion, gun control,euthanasia, stemcell research, cloning, marital infidelity, animal rights, capital punishment,software piracy,stopping(or encouraging)immigration…. or any other one you might think of.It might berelated to business issues but it doesn’t have to be.

Present the best case for each positionfor and against. It is important to be careful here. You,no doubt, have preconceived ideas about which position is right and which is wrong. Try totemporarily put your opinion aside. Consider the best ARGUMENT for each side. Save youropinion for the end of the essay. Try to be OBJECTIVE here. If you do this effectively, I shouldnot be able to tell what position you actually endorse.This section can be short.

Apply each of the two primary moral theories covered in our text: Kantian and Utilitarianethics. In carrying out the theory applications, you will first want to describe each theory andthen explain how each would be applied in considering your case. You might also (but don’tneed to) consider whether the issue is usually addressed from a consequentialist or principlebased perspective. Does it make any difference? How would the issue change ifthere were ashift in perspective? Which foundation for addressing the argument (Utilitarian or Kantian) doyou think is better? Why? This is the part of the essay that will likely be the hardest. Don’t panic. Just be clear on each theory and what it means to analyze a moral issue according to the theory. Is this how people normally debate the issue? In making your theoretical assessment,appeal DIRECTLY to the explanations of the theories discussed in OUR COURSE TEXT.Appeal to the corresponding sections of the text (pp.6065for Utilitarianism, and pp.6672forKantian ethics) to justify your descriptions of each theory.

The full assignment instruction is attached below, please read carefully.

Here is the link of the text book: Moral issue in business please read the assigned page to related the eaasy to course.