two posts must introduce H u m a n i t i e s

two posts must introduce H u m a n i t i e s

Your final paper is going to be a 1200-word essay in which you compare two or three readings from the semester.

In preparation for this, write two paper prompts of 300 words each — basically, ideas for possible final papers that make such a comparison. Post the two prompts separately, creating two threads, and then post 3 responses to other people’s posts.

You have already thought about such connections in several of your earlier posts. You should feel free to draw on those earlier discussions.

Each of the two posts must introduce the main idea or angle in a few sentences, where you also briefly mention how it is relevant to each of two (or three) texts, how the topic appears in each. In the end, you should identify at least one passage from each of the two (or three) texts that is relevant to the comparison, by the clearest and most precise way allowed by our texts. (This would be line number in the case of Antigone, book number and line number in the case of the Odyssey, Act, scene, and line number in the case of Othello, page number in the case of Sunjata and Oroonoko. Give your post a title.


After you have written two posts, respond to three posts — you can suggest changes, corrections, further passages from the texts, or you can offer ideas of what such a paper could argue about the similarity or difference between the texts. In other words, use your comments to help the person who wrote the post the flesh out the prompt and the paper.

Your first post is due by Monday night (end of the day on Monday, November 30). Make sure you have posted both of your prompts by Tuesday night (end of the day on Tuesday, December 1), and your responses by Wednesday night (end of the day on Wednesday, December 2). We will spend our next and last class, on Thursday, December 3, reviewing the readings and discussing paper ideas.