turning pointin looking back H u m a n i t i e s

turning pointin looking back H u m a n i t i e s

This week you will describe:

  • Turning Point

In looking back on one’s life, it is often possible to identify certain key “turning points” — episodes through which a person undergoes substantial change. Turning points can occur in many different spheres of a person’s life — in relationships with other people, in work and school, in outside interests, etc. We are especially interested in a turning point in your understanding of yourself. Please identify a particular episode in your life story in which you underwent an important transition or change with respect to your understanding of yourself. It is not necessary that you consciously saw the event as a turning point when it actually happened. Rather, what is important is that you now see this particular event as a turning point in your life. If you feel that you have experienced no dramatic turning points in your life, then describe a particular episode in your life that comes closer than any other to qualifying as a turning point. Please describe what happened, when it happened, who was involved, what you were thinking and feeling, why this experience is significant, and what it may say about you and your personality.

Include all of the following in your written description of the event:

  • When did the event occur? (How old were you?)
  • What exactly happened in the event?
  • Who was involved in the event?
  • What were you thinking, feeling, and wanting in the event?
  • Why do you think that this is an important event in your life story?
  • What does this event say about who you are, who you were, who you might be, and how you have developed over time?

Basically you will see what kinds of characters, scenes, and themes come up in your life story.

his week you will also:

  • Look for 3 educational resources on the internet that will help you make sense of your turning point experience. Do some research online and find 3 resources that will help you understand your turning point experience. These 3 resources can be: a website, a news story, a video, a free Coursera course, a podcast episode, etc. The 3 resources you find should add to what you learned from this week’s chapter.

  • Explain how these resources helped you:
    • understand why you do the things you do
    • understand what you need most from your education and career
    • learn to accept and celebrate yourself as you are
    • know exactly what you need from your relationships to feel accepted, understood, and fulfilled
    • discover what you desire, more than anything else, from your life
    • gain the ability to ask for what you want and need
    • get the ability to control your behavior the way you want and under any circumstance
    • learn what you want your life to add up to in the end

You are not trying to figure out if anything is wrong with you, and you are not trying to judge the “goodness” of your life. Instead, you want to decide whether educational resources from the internet related to psychology can help you make sense of the characters, scenes, and themes of your life story.