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A general education course in the humanities designed to provide students with an understanding of, and appreciation for, the diverse forms and functions of media produced by diverse cultures and societies throughout history. The course focuses on media as a way of understanding culture. Students will examine the role that media plays in building cultural identity and examining other cultures’ representations of themselves. The study of media also helps to explore issues such as freedom, tolerance, global

IDS404 Course Description

The course will introduce students to the idea of popular culture as a cultural practice. Students will gain an understanding of the contemporary role of popular culture in modern society. The principal topics covered will include: reception theory, mediated consumption, marketing and merchandising; intertextuality; cultural memory, hegemony and diversity; race and gender in popular culture; globalization and transnationalism; popular music as media form (e.g. hip-hop, dancehall, world music). Furthermore, the course aims to

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Most Popular Courses for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) 1. Tourism and Cultural Diversity 2. Gender, Sexuality and Society in Contemporary World Cultures 3. Film in the Digital Age 4. The Global Fashion Industry 5. Visual Aesthetics and African American Cinema

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IDS404 Course Outline

(Spring 2019) Course Description: Explore the construction of identity, culture and meaning through the lens of popular culture. The goal of this course is to expand students’ understanding of how culture and society are constructed, and how different cultures and societies view themselves, their communities, and the world around them. Through student participation in class discussions, research papers, class presentations and group projects, students will be challenged to examine cultural phenomena such as television shows, movies, comics, video games, music videos

IDS404 Course Objectives

This course focuses on the analysis of popular culture, which is defined as “anything that appeals to many people and is intended for widespread distribution. Popular culture includes television, movies, advertising, music, art, video games and other forms of entertainment.” (UIC 2009-2010 catalog). In this course we will examine some aspects of popular culture; its historical origins in Europe and the United States; its influence on politics and society; and the ways in which it functions within individual communities.

IDS404 Course Pre-requisites

The following IDS404 courses are required in order to take the IDS404 course during second semester. Summer 2016 IDS404 Course Description Course ID: IDS404

IDS404 Course Duration & Credits

in 2017

This course is offered as Online: On campus: No

Online /Distance Delivery Yes

Credit Points 12.00

Course Description for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) in 2017

This course will provide a broad introduction to the concept of popular culture and its social, cultural and political significance. Students will examine key themes, trends, movements and issues that have shaped popular culture. The main focus of the course is on ‘popular’ music, film

IDS404 Course Learning Outcomes

– Course Home Page. The course includes a 3-credit online course and a 2-credit on-campus course. E-mail: Email, Password: I agree to the University’s Web Site Use Terms of Use , Privacy Policy, and Electronic Communications. IDS404 has been evaluated and recommended for 3 semester hours by the following faculty member(s): Admissions Office 2008-12-10T00:00:00Z. From this study we can conclude that the improvement in food

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Course Description

This course explores the relationship between popular culture and religion. Popular culture refers to works of art that are popular and in the public domain. Some examples include films, television shows, music, magazines, books, video games and online sites. This course will explore the various ways in which popular culture interacts with religious beliefs.

This course will include discussion of selected texts from a variety of media genres as well as film clips. Topics may include: the influence of religion on popular culture; how belief

IDS404 Course Fact Sheet

(New) IDS405 Course Fact Sheet for IDS405 – Advanced Indigenous Media (IDS405) (New) IDS406 Course Fact Sheet for IDS406 – Culture, Gender and Identity (IDS406) (New) IDC320 Introduction to Multimedia Computing IDC322 Digital Image Processing IDC324 Multimedia Application Development IDC326 Audio Visual Cognition and Perception IDC328 Digital Video Technology IDC332 Computer Graphics and Animation IDC336 Programming of Embedded Systems IDC340 Artificial Intelligence in Computer Systems DIC301 Course Fact Sheet for DIC301 –

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IDS404 Course Faculty Qualifications

Prerequisite: IDS304 and permission of the instructor. Course Fees: $20.00 Total Time Commitment: 3 Hours/Week Class Schedule Notes: Must attend all class meetings. Back to Top or Graduate Degrees, Certificates & Special Programs, BS/MS in Information Sciences – Info System Security (IST401) Advising Notes: Advising required before registering for this course. Back to Top or Academic Programs, Campus & Faculty, Browse by Degree Level, Information Science and Technology


IDS404 Course Syllabus

IDS404 Syllabus for IDS404 – Popular Culture

• Course Description: This course focuses on the evolution of popular culture across multiple media forms. Students will explore the relationships between popular culture, genres and subcultures, as well as cultural production such as advertising, film, fashion, and music. Students will explore how cultural production impacts and is impacted by media technologies and systems such as print media, radio/television, advertising/branding, consumer culture, and online communities. Theories

Suggested IDS404 Course Resources/Books

– Course Resources (IDS404)


The course will use a cultural studies approach to examine cultural products and their meaning-making in society. The course will focus on the study of media texts (feminist film criticism, transnational feminism, new media) and popular culture at the intersection of gender, race/ethnicity, class, sexuality and technology.

Note: The course will not take place if there is a course conflict with this offering.

Indicative Syllabus

What is Media

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IDS404 Course Practicum Journal for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404)

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Suggested IDS404 Course Resources (Websites, Books, Journal Articles, etc.)

The Information Design Studio (IDS404)The Information Experience Design Studio (IDS404)The Creative Process in Information Design (IDS404)

Our faculty are internationally recognized experts in their fields of practice and research. We collaborate with a wide range of clients, agencies, and industry partners throughout the design industry to create award-winning, innovative projects and solutions that fulfill our clients’ goals.


Information Design

Media & Entertainment

Community Engagement & Public Service

Design Research & Methodology

Media Literacy

IDS404 Course Project Proposal

This project proposal is intended for the IDS404: Popular Culture class. This project proposal is intended for the IDS404: Popular Culture class. The purpose of this project is to research popular culture topics from an academic perspective and develop a 7-10 page paper that addresses the following topics: * How do popular culture relate to identity formation? How are identity and popular culture intertwined? What are some issues that arise when these two subjects intersect? * How does cultural production impact issues of identity formation, politics

IDS404 Course Practicum

Spring 2017 – K-12 Education Course Practicum for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) Spring 2017 – K-12 Education Spring 2016

Spring 2016

Summer 2015

Spring 2015

Summer 2014

Spring 2014

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Midterm Exam

The midterm exam will cover the course content. The midterm exam will be a multiple choice quiz that is worth 50% of your grade for this course. No calculator or other aids are allowed, but you may use a cell phone.

Final Exam (IDS404) This will be an open book, closed note exam that is worth 100% of your final grade for this course. You must take the test in class in order to receive full credit. I will allow you two attempts to earn full

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– course guide

Academic year 2021/22

Course ID: IDS404
Department: School of Communication
Credits: 5.00
Course Type: Courseware
Course Description:

In the current environment, it is more important than ever to understand how individuals and groups consume media in order to understand how they communicate with each other.
This module provides you with an opportunity to explore questions surrounding ‘What makes a good news story? What are the key factors in successful

What Should Students Expect to Be Tested from IDS404 Midterm Exam

– Spring 2019

IDS404 Midterm Exam for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) – Spring 2019

ID405 Course Information The following are the course syllabus, class presentations and readings, and final exams.

Instructor: Dr. Sarena Leoultari Email: Office Hours: Mondays 12-1 PM Office: McNamara 109B. E-mail (preferred): Phone: (410)

How to Prepare for IDS404 Midterm Exam


IDS404 Midterm Exam

By Pramod K. Chandrasekhar
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Popular Culture (IDS404) midterm exam and solutions

How to Prepare for IDS404 Midterm Exam for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) –

When you are preparing for your mid-term exam, you will need to study the course material thoroughly and be able to explain the topic well in your

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Q1. Why is the concept of American exceptionalism significant to understand in understanding how American culture has developed over time? A1. The concept of American exceptionalism can be understood by viewing the nation as a unique institution that is extremely rich and complicated. This concept involves the factors that make this country so diverse, such as the fact that it is a democratic republic, which means there are lots of checks and balances between its branches of government, and its diversity is due to its ethnic groups, geographical

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This is a sample of the questions we’ll cover in class. Students can use these as study guides, or for quizzes and tests. The ideas discussed in this document are intended to help you understand the scope and depth of our material. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list.

Any open source project with a CI environment (Continuous Integration) will be covered, including Puppet, Jenkins, Nexus and Gradle.

This document will be revised from time to time as new sources are found.

No particular

Final Exam

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The next course IDS404 will be offered online starting January 9, 2017. Please check here for updates.

This course aims to provide an introduction to the field of popular culture by exploring it in depth through a selection of key texts from the core disciplines of literature, film studies, and history. It engages students through an innovative format that combines material drawn from the core curriculum with contemporary readings and discussions of contemporary issues in popular culture. The aim is to introduce

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4.0 (4) 1st Term, 2018

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This is a guest post by Professor Simon Greenhill from Queen Mary University of London. Simon has been teaching IDS404: Popular Culture for over 5 years and has taught the course on a number of occasions. Here he explains how his approach to the course has developed over time.

The importance of popular culture in the process of studying popular culture is well recognised by many scholars (and

What Should Students Expect to Be Tested from IDS404 Final Exam

at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) – Search Results.

The following is an example of a typical IDS404 final exam question. 1. What is the definition of “original” and “tradition?” 2. Who was Thomas Jefferson? 3. How does Jefferson’s quote reflect his understanding of originality and tradition? 4. In what ways do you see Jefferson’s quote as representative of American pluralism and the idea of the individual and citizen? 5.


How to Prepare for IDS404 Final Exam

IDS404 Week 1 Discussion 1 IDS404 Week 2 Discussion 2 IDS404 Week 3 Discussion 3 IDS404 Week 4 Discussion 4 IDS404 Week 5 Discussion 5 IDS404 Final Exam Please check the Dropbox for any additional resources.

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: Exam Questions and Answers

1. In the 1970s, there was a big push to promote “consumer culture” among college students. This movement was called by the popular name of ____________.

(a) “Consumer Culture”

(b) “Superconsumer”

(c) “Transculturation”

(d) “Consumer Society”

2. Which literary tradition is most closely associated with nostalgia?

(a) Romanticism

(b) Realism

(c) Poetry of lamentation

(d) Modern

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at University of Alberta

Who Was the Inventor of the Model T?

The Coca-Cola Company

What Is the Role of an Advertising Agency?

To create public awareness and gain consumer interest in a new or existing product, service, idea, or event.

What Was George Orwell’s Primary Message?

In his essay Politics and the English Language (1946), George Orwell wrote that it is necessary for people to have a basic understanding of what is being said in order to understand it. What does he mean

Week by Week Course Overview

IDS404 Week 1 Description

Discussion 4.0 (10-20%) Summary & Key Points In this Discussion, you will find the following: • Objectives for this Discussion • Assignment Guidelines • Rubric for Evaluation What is “Popular Culture”? Why is it so popular? Discuss the major forces that have contributed to its popularity. How does popular culture affect people’s lives? What are some of the ways people use popular culture in their lives? Define “popular culture” and identify three components that make up popular culture. Explain

IDS404 Week 1 Outline

Popular culture refers to the arts, sciences and industries in a society that is, mostly, popular or of high popularity (Isaacs, 2002). These can be categorized by source of influence (political, social, economical, etc), destination of influence (mass consumption, mass media, etc) or both. As an industry it is widely known to drive entertainment and media in society. In many cases it involves a lot of time and therefore money spent on it. It may also involve collaboration

IDS404 Week 1 Objectives

Identify and analyze the relevance of current events to popular culture. Understand the historical context of selected common phenomena in popular culture. Use their knowledge to explain how these phenomena affect

Philosophy 101: Intro to Philosophy Quiz #1 Phil 101 Quiz #1 What is a circle? How can we know if a line segment is a circle? What does it mean for something to be orientable? Can you show this using your own body? Is there an exact definition for mathematical objects like circles,

IDS404 Week 1 Pre-requisites

and the following courses must be taken in order to enrol in IDS404: – Arts 2001 – IDS331 and IDS332 or equivalent – Arts 4002 or IDS402. If you do not have these first two courses, please contact the faculty of arts.

The Creative Industries Course


This course focuses on the arts, design and digital industries. It will enable you to understand the role of creative professionals in different sectors of industry. It will also give you an understanding of

IDS404 Week 1 Duration

is not displayed because the Forum is in read only mode. General Information for Students (IDS404) Quiz 1 – Prep Quiz 1 Duration for Quiz 1 – IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) is not displayed because the Forum is in read only mode. Theory and Criticism Study Guide for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) Quiz 2 – Prep Quiz 2 Duration for Quiz 2 – IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) is not displayed because the Forum

IDS404 Week 1 Learning Outcomes

Learners will: • Identify common terms of popular culture, their meanings, and how they evolve over time. • Identify a variety of historical and contemporary popular culture. • Describe the role of popular culture in the social history of Australia. • List, describe and evaluate cultural products that have been produced in Australia and internationally. • Apply critical thinking to determine what cultural products are important to the Australian community. Intellectual Responsibilities (IDS404) Learners will: • Demonstrate critical thinking skills to assess evidence and

IDS404 Week 1 Assessment & Grading

Week 1 Assignment: IDS404 Assessment & Grading for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) Individual assignment – due within the week in which you are registered. Due: Week 7 (Week of Nov 6th)

Popular Culture, a lecture by Dr. Bill Seitz

This discussion board is intended to help students prepare for the IDS404 assessment, which takes place over the next seven weeks.


In this discussion board, you will be able to discuss with your fellow classmates

IDS404 Week 1 Suggested Resources/Books

IDS404 Week 1 Suggested Resources/Books for IDS404 – Popular Culture. Discuss the impact of popular culture on a society. Identify and discuss issues that may arise from having a common culture in various nations around the world. Your Assignment

IDS404 Week 4 Individual Assignment Impact of Globalization on Consumer Behavior (IDS404) IDS404 Week 4 Individual Assignment Impact of Globalization on Consumer Behavior (IDS404) Discussion Question #3: With the rise of modern communication technologies, what factors

IDS404 Week 1 Assignment (20 Questions)

for Free

Overview of Popular Culture. What is popular culture? Popular culture: the life of mass media, and the expression of attitudes and values through mass media (TV, movies, fashion).

The Millers – Cheap Seats

May 28, 2015 · Just a few minutes into Cheap Seats, Lee Miller (Ed Helms) — a mid-30s sports journalist who suffers from an episode of anxiety every time he hits the …

Cheap Seats – Wikipedia

Dec 17,

IDS404 Week 1 Assignment Question (20 Questions)

– Assignment Help.

IDS404 Week 1 Assignment Question (20 Questions) for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) For more course tutorials visit IDS404 Week 1 DQ 1 (5 Questions) IDS404 Week 1 DQ 2 (5 Questions) IDS404 Week 1 Learning Team Assignment Character Analysis Worksheet (IDS404) IDS404 Week 2 Assignment Question (20 Questions) for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) For more course

IDS404 Week 1 Discussion 1 (20 Questions)

I went to the voting booth on Sunday and voted. 4 0 1.8K (3) Poll: Vote for Best Family Movie of All Time! The category is Top 100 Family Movies Of All Time. Reply to Thread.

Free Essay: 10 Powerful Essays Topics In English Language. An essay is a creative work of nonfiction that expresses the writer’s thoughts, ideas and feelings about some.

This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the

IDS404 Week 1 DQ 1 (20 Questions)

– Course Hero. Read and Download PDF Ebook popular culture an introduction to critical thinking for free from The Biggest ebook library in the world. Popular Culture: An Introduction to Critical Thinking by Susan Stryker, 9780133135857, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. 0 (12 ratings by Goodreads) 1: 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die by Raymond Carver: A LibraryThing Top 100 Greatest Books List by Ray Bradbury: A

IDS404 Week 1 Discussion 2 (20 Questions)

at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Learn more about this task.

Ideas, Thesis Statements and Outlines for a Paper on Politics

Thesis and outline help? Whether you’re writing a political science paper or an expository essay on politics, you’ll find helpful information here to make your writing stronger and your ideas more focused.

How to Write an Outline for a Paper: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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IDS404 Week 1 DQ 2 (20 Questions)

– Essay

Part 1 (20 Questions) For IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) – Essay

Part 2 (20 Questions) For IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) – Essay

Here is the question for the part 1

The new B-movie genre, dubbed “cultural shock,” was so successful that it influenced the introduction of many styles of cinema and eventually led to the emergence of many genres. What are these genres? How did they begin?


IDS404 Week 1 Quiz (20 Questions)

– UniSA Study Design

Study Design 1st Edition | 20 Questions | 30m Instructor: Mrs J. Harris Study Design aims to introduce the participant to a wide variety of learning resources, both online and offline, that will enable them to research and write their thesis project.


Questions based on this Module

What are some important questions that you should consider when writing your thesis? (40 marks)

What are the most important aspects of cultural differences that should be considered in your dissertation project

IDS404 Week 1 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions)

at University of the Sunshine Coast. Select from 500 different sets of mcdougal literature prentice hall answers flashcards on Quizlet.

Mcdougal Literature Prentice Hall Answers –

Reading a textbook is very easy. Your notes and class notes should help you to understand the book or course material better. If you want to know what your classmates did for the same exam, you can also get an idea from their notes.

Study Flashcards On M

IDS404 Week 2 Description

Research papers, final exams, and presentation assignments

10% of final grade

Any help from classmates is permitted with papers

No late papers or makeup exams

Late papers will not be accepted without an extenuating circumstance

IDS404 Week 2 Outline

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Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper describing how popular culture influences your everyday life. Explain why you think popular culture is so influential and why it impacts your everyday life. How do you feel about its influence? Why or why not? Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper describing how you use popular culture in your everyday life. Describe what you do with the products of popular culture you see or hear on TV or

IDS404 Week 2 Objectives

Week 2 Objectives – Popular Culture (IDS404) l

IDS404 Week 2 Pre-requisites

– University of Sydney

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In this module, students will explore the cultural production and consumption of popular culture in a variety of forms and genres. The module aims to develop students’ ability to identify different popular forms and genre; recognise critical distinctions between popular media; analyse the impact of popular culture on wider society and individual thought; and identify key social issues raised by popular culture.

In addition, students will also learn to use digital tools to access, analyze, understand and communicate

IDS404 Week 2 Duration

Due Date: Oct 9, 2018 Length: 4 Weeks Quizzes/Assignments/Exams/Class Participation Learning Outcome 1) Be able to explore and discuss selected topics in the popular culture subfield (e.g., the role of popular culture in society, popular cultural products, how is popular culture used in media texts, how does popular culture influence social reality, etc.) …


IDS404 Week 2 Learning Outcomes

Identify and describe the key characteristics of popular culture Analyse the effect of popular culture on society, examining aspects such as its impact on race relations, gender, consumption, religion and leisure (IDS404) IDS404 Week 2 Assignment – Defining Popular Culture (IDS404) Using at least two peer-reviewed sources from an academic journal or a professional journal address this week’s assignment. In your response make sure you address the following:  Discuss the issues raised in the article with regard to popular culture

IDS404 Week 2 Assessment & Grading

– Course Hero

1 / 1 pts

Answers this question is not yet completed.

1 / 1 pts

What are the top 5 most popular films of all time?

GoldenEye (James Bond)
Titanic (Aristotelian Epic)
The Dark Knight (Modern Gothic)
Iron Man (Modern Sci-Fi)
Avatar (Major Sci-Fi)

Ides of March (Political Thriller)
Django Unchained (C

IDS404 Week 2 Suggested Resources/Books

This is a list of books that I recommend. Of course, feel free to change this list as you wish or add books that you think others would benefit from. The list is organized by genres, then by topics. Many of the books in each section are also listed individually at the end of this document.

Art – “The Art of Graphic Design”

– book ISBN: 0874178918

– “Graphic Design Research: A History” by Ian Craig-Martin – (1988)

IDS404 Week 2 Assignment (20 Questions)

– Course Hero

Popular Culture Assignment
Directions: You must answer all of the following questions. Your answers must be in essay format (i.e., MLA style). This assignment is designed to test your knowledge of the course material. It is not intended to judge your ability as a writer.

– Part I: A History of Popular Culture
– Part II: The Eighteenth Century
– Part III: Nineteenth Century
– Part IV: Twentieth Century

Additional resources:

IDS404 Week 2 Assignment Question (20 Questions)

for University Of Washington, Seattle (Seattle). Find answers on any questions you may have. The College of Arts and Sciences is proud to announce the launch of the new Digital Scholarship Ecosystem (DSE) website! You can find a list of program openings here. IDS404 Week 3 Assignment Question (20 Questions) for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) for University Of Washington, Seattle (Seattle). Dec 30, 2014 · In this assignment, you will analyze two or

IDS404 Week 2 Discussion 1 (20 Questions)

at University of Phoenix.

This tutorial was uploaded on 01/13/2010 for the course IDS 404 taught by Professor Dr.anna during the Spring ’10 term at University of Phoenix.

IDS404 Week 2 DQ 1 (20 Questions)

University of Phoenix Material IDS404 Week 2 DQ 1 (20 Questions) for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) You are required to complete the following assignment: Read the following scenario and prepare a 700- to 1,050-word response. In this scenario, assume you are a law enforcement officer who is investigating a series of child sex offenses at an Oklahoma City apartment complex. In this investigation, you find the smell of burnt flesh coming from one of the apartments in the

IDS404 Week 2 Discussion 2 (20 Questions)

at Ashford University. This course has not been evaluated by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and this is not an official list of recommendations to be used when applying for a library position, certification or accreditation. Week 1: On the Map Discussion 1 (10 Questions) for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) at Ashford University. This course has not been evaluated by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and this is not an official list

IDS404 Week 2 DQ 2 (20 Questions)

Week 2 DQ 2 (20 Questions) for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) Week 2 DQ 2 (20 Questions) for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) | Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions: IDS404 Week 2 DQ 1 (20 Points)

1. What are the defining characteristics of popular culture? Discuss the importance of popular culture in society and how it affects our lives.

2. Identify a social issue that seems to be receiving increased

IDS404 Week 2 Quiz (20 Questions)

at Excelsior College. Teach your students to think critically about popular culture with this quiz that measures their ability to identify and analyze the impact of race, gender, class, and other related issues on a particular popular culture.

Is there any free reading or study material online for IDS 404 ? – Quora

Hi, If you are looking for some free reading material for IDS

IDS404 Week 2 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions)

at University of Tasmania, Launceston. Select from a range of pre-set options or create your own test today! (20 Multiple Choice Questions) for IDS404 – Popular Culture (IDS404) at University of Tasmania, Launceston. Select from a range of pre-set options or create your own test today!

To understand the origins and developments of popular culture and the ways in which it has changed over time, the students should be able to:

explain the history of popular culture;

describe how

IDS404 Week 3 Description

Popular Culture: The study of culture and society in the United States from an historical and social scientific perspective. The course is organized around a number of themes. Topics include the history of American popular culture, film and television, popular music, mass media, popular art, the history of feminism and queer theory, women in popular culture, issues surrounding race/ethnicity in pop culture, representations of class and gender in popular culture, performance and identity in contemporary art/media, representations of racial/ethnic minorities in

IDS404 Week 3 Outline

Critique and presentation of my research in preparation for submitting it for publication in the IDS journal (IDS404) Introduction to popular culture as a subject matter and the context in which it operates as an academic discipline. Analysis of various theoretical approaches, including psychoanalytic, semiotic, structuralist, poststructuralist etc.

Mandatory prereq: IDS 210 or IDS 311

IDSO200 Week 3 Outline for IDS200 – Popular Culture (IDS200) Critique and presentation of my

IDS404 Week 3 Objectives

Identify and explain the major subfields of popular culture. Identify the impact of popular culture on society. Describe cultural diversity in terms of culture, ethnicity, and gender. Recognize how cultural values influence social behavior and individual identity. Asses