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DAT610 Course Introduction

at Peking University

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Data Analysis and Risk Management (DAT610) is the first module in the Data Science major of the Beijing Institute of Technology. The course is taught by Professor George Cao, one of the leading experts in data analysis and risk management. His research interests include optimization, financial engineering, risk management, machine learning and Big Data. More importantly, he has been teaching this subject to a variety of undergraduate and graduate students in universities since 201

DAT610 Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with the skills required to apply, interpret and assess economic and financial concepts. It will develop students’ ability to analyze the risk inherent in a variety of investment strategies and decisions within a fixed income portfolio, including value-at-risk (VaR) analysis. The course will also introduce students to various statistical tools used for risk assessment, such as sensitivity analysis, and Monte Carlo simulations to test alternative scenarios and data inputs. Emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking skills related to

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Rank University Name City State Country Category 1 Stanford University Stanford CA United States College of Engineering; Stanford Graduate School of Business; School of Medicine; Graduate School of Education; Graduate School of Arts & Sciences; Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; Center for Information Technology

DAT610 Course Outline

Course Description: This course introduces optimization techniques and risk assessment methods. Topics include the fundamental principles of optimization, linear and non-linear optimization techniques, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, and genetic algorithms. (4) Prerequisites: Calculus I or Math 3A (5) Co-requisite: DAT610 Course Objectives: At the end of this course students should be able to: • Understand basic concepts in mathematical programming; • Apply basic concepts in mathematical programming to practical business problems; • Apply

DAT610 Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to teach students the concept of the random sampling design and to help them understand how probabilities are derived. This course will also enable students to learn and be able to apply risk assessment methods in a way that is not just deterministic but can include stochastic analysis. In a decision making context, one should always consider all of the possible scenarios and never make decisions without being prepared for what might happen. This understanding helps us to assess the risks associated with any particular project or decision so that

DAT610 Course Pre-requisites

Introduction to Optimization and Risk Assessment. The textbook for this course is Chapter 1 of the book: “Mathematical Modeling of Risk” by Donald P. Miller. Lecture Topics and Readings at 11:00 AM. (Please bring a lunch, as there will not be time to eat in the classroom.) Tuesdays & Thursdays: January 15-17; February 12-14; March 12-14

Lecture Topics and Readings at 1:00 PM

DAT610 Course Duration & Credits

DAT610 Course Learning Outcomes

From the following list of course learning outcomes, identify which outcome(s) are directly related to the subject matter covered in DAT610. Please use your own words to describe each outcome, but note any potential overlap between learning outcomes and other course learning outcomes that may be similar or related to these Learning Outcomes.
Learning Outcome:
1.1 Evaluate the importance of linear programming as a tool for analyzing optimality of policies under various conditions (e.g., optimal production levels, target prices, etc.)
Learning Outcome

DAT610 Course Assessment & Grading Criteria

Course Description The course provides an overview of the risk analysis process and its applications to the detection of nuclear weapon threats. It is focused on developing a fundamental understanding of core concepts, terminology, and application procedures. A strong focus is placed on the development of a fundamental problem-solving skill set that will be necessary to conduct effective nuclear weapon threats assessments using various methods and techniques. The course also aims at exposing students to the use of analytic tools commonly used in this field such as probability distributions, Monte Carlo simulations,

DAT610 Course Fact Sheet


Course Type: Master’s Degree


Students must have completed a prerequisite course before enrolling in DAT610. For more information on prerequisites, please refer to the Course Catalog.

Enrollment Requirements:

This course is designed for students who wish to receive a master’s degree in Risk Management and Insurance. It is also intended for students who want to enter the insurance industry or act as an underwriter of insurance or act as a risk manager for insurance companies.

During this course, the

DAT610 Course Delivery Modes

is an online, self-paced course, which requires no physical presence in the University’s offices or laboratories. The course will be taught using a range of different delivery modes including: face-to-face meetings


case studies

virtual classrooms

laptops and tablets. This course has a total duration of 4 weeks (90 hours). Course Content

This course provides students with an opportunity to understand:

the theoretical basis and practice of decision analysis and risk management for process development under uncertainty;

specific applications

DAT610 Course Faculty Qualifications

Course Faculty Qualifications for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610) Course Faculty Qualifications for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610) Course Faculty Qualifications for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610) Course Faculty Qualifications for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610) Course Faculty Qualifications for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610)

Course Description This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of risk management, including both quantitative analysis and application

DAT610 Course Syllabus

– Course AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The course seeks to understand the relationship between risk assessment, optimization and financial products. It presents basic concepts of derivative valuation and risk measurement. This course is designed to give students an understanding of mathematical models for value of a product and its risk. Students will be required to work on their own assigned problems, while receiving feedback from faculty on their solutions and evaluating solutions with respect to the assigned homeworks. New students will be allowed 3 hours per week for personal study time

Suggested DAT610 Course Resources/Books

– Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610) Bookstore on Amazon.com: Applied Optimization, 2nd Edition

Applied Optimization, 2nd Edition Bookstore on Amazon.com: Applied Optimum, 1st Edition

Applied Optimum, 1st Edition Bookstore on Amazon.com: Game Theory and Its Applications, 1st Edition

Game Theory and Its Applications, 1st Edition Bookstore on Amazon.com: Applied Game Theory (Applied Mathematics Series)

Applied Game Theory (Applied Mathematics

DAT610 Course Practicum Journal

2014-01-28 Hadoop Data Analysis: Data Classification (DAT610) 2012-09-17 Hadoop Data Analysis: Network Flow (DAT610) 2012-09-17 Web Application Security: OWASP Top 10 (DAT610)

Suggested DAT610 Course Resources (Websites, Books, Journal Articles, etc.)

– Statistics & Risk Analysis (STA610)

Online Resources

DAT610 Course Project Proposal

1. Abstract In this course project, the students will be required to do a risk assessment for the Alaskan LNG Project that was proposed by Shell Oil Company in 2005. The students will be asked to apply a different approach for each of the two analysis techniques: (a) O/R Model and (b) GARCH Models. The R&D project at Shell is one of the largest and most complex projects in recent history. While there are a number of risk models which can be applied

DAT610 Course Practicum

Course Code: 3 (a) Number of Credits: 3 Semester: Summer Session Credit Hours: 0.5 Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing or consent of instructor Program The Program in Risk Assessment and Decision Analysis is an interdisciplinary graduate program designed to provide rigorous training in the fields of risk assessment and decision analysis, the theory and application of which will facilitate careers in research, consulting, industry, government agencies and academia. The program addresses the current challenges facing society resulting from the ever-increasing levels

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Problem Set, 1, 4.0 points

3 or more papers

Discussion: 1 – 2 pages with a minimum of 3 references

DUE: Monday, December 10th by noon EST

In this week’s problem set, you will be doing some creative thinking about the “metrics” for risk assessment and optimization.

What are the characteristics of metrics in risk assessment?

In what ways do the use of metrics increase or decrease data collection?

What sort of metrics are

Midterm Exam

– Summer 2012 (Section 01) TUE (12:00PM – 3:20PM) Readings/Assignments Online Store 1-9 exams online Store 10-15 exams online Store 16-20 exams online Store 21-26 exams online Basic Materials for an Introduction to Optimization A First Course in Probability


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Prerequisites for the course DAT610 are listed in the Course Information section of this website.


Schedule information can be found on the Course Information page of this website. The following sections provide a general outline of dates, class meetings and readings. Additional schedules may be added as course activities or new readings are scheduled.

Reading assignments

Assignment due dates will be published on Moodle approximately two weeks before each assignment is due. If you are unable to complete an assignment by the

What Should Students Expect to Be Tested from DAT610 Midterm Exam

Test 2

This exam is designed to assess your understanding of the concepts and principles presented in DAT610, Optimization and Risk Assessment. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions (MCQs) based on this material.

The exam will be open book; however, you must keep your notes to be used only for the exam. You may not use any outside sources including textbooks or other materials during the exam.

There are two sections: Section A (40 MCQs) and Section B

How to Prepare for DAT610 Midterm Exam

at All Levels?

I am planning to take DAT610 for my undergrad thesis. I have a basic understanding of optimization problems and risk assessment. But, how can I prepare for the midterm exam?


Well, first you need to understand that your knowledge is not sufficient for the midterm exam. You should have a good knowledge about mathematical programming (there are many resources on this subject), numerical methods and data analysis. You should be able to state your problem in formal notation, write down the formulation,

Midterm Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Bing

– Spring 2017 .

The mean deviation between the forecasted and actual final student enrollment of each school for the fall term is shown in Figure 8. What is the minimum amount of time required to achieve this level of accuracy? The median deviation between the forecasted and actual population levels for each school is shown in Figure 9. In what way does a positive change in either direction affect both the mean and median?

In order to reach a desired decision, it is necessary to take into account

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by a University of British Columbia (UBC) Professor

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Each quiz consists of 10 questions. Each question has five possible answers from which you must choose the correct answer. If you select the wrong answer, you will get -1 point for each question for which you selected the wrong answer.

Please select the correct answer to each of the questions in order to move on to the next page and earn your final score. You are not allowed to skip any question or

Final Exam

— 2018-08-10, 2 pages

Scenario: Imagine that you are a regulatory health official. You have been called in to investigate complaints from local physicians about the quality of care and services provided by a local hospital. Your investigation has turned up several evidence items, including medical records and accident reports. These items are needed to analyze the situation. You would like to see each item you want, so you run a query that retrieves all the records of interest, which is named ‘

Top 100 AI-Generated Questions

– Spring 2019

This list is intended to be used as a guide for your preparations. I will update it with answers to the questions we are asked in class and through e-mail. It is strongly recommended that you use this list during the exam.

There are 11 questions on Probability, Decision Making, Optimization and Risk Analysis.

The question titles appear in the order they were asked during the lecture.

Questions which require an explanation should not be checked. You should check any question you get wrong

What Should Students Expect to Be Tested from DAT610 Final Exam

1. The project has a cost of $100,000. It is an intramural sport which involves two teams of three players each and lasts for a period of one year. Each team must win at least two games to be declared the winner.

2. All the players in both the teams have uniforms designed in accordance with this team’s uniform policy that includes:

– A logo which will be presented on the team’s uniform.

– A color coded system for identifying players who are on

How to Prepare for DAT610 Final Exam

exam. Our study guide will prepare you and help you pass your DAT610 exam easily. We have worked hard to provide you with valid, correct and latest DAT610 questions and answers. The DAT610 PDF is easy to download and print. You can use our DAT610 online simulator for self-assessment practice test to check your knowledge about the DAT610 real exam. If you want to be sure about the accuracy of our DAT610 dumps pdf, we also provide you with a free DAT610 update service

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by Google with 1 answers

2. How many possible combinations are there for 5 people and their families to choose from?


3. Which of the following would be the best way to structure a model for an individual?

a) Produce a detailed financial plan and track this over time

b) Calculate future worth based on discounted cash flows for one year, taking into account their health care costs, lifestyle choices, and retirement years

c) Follow the life cycle of an item to its

Final Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Google

1. What is the most common way to generate a random number? (Choose all that apply.) (Points : 4) Random number generator Simple random selection Randomization of an assignment

Random sampling or stratified sampling, where you take a sample from each stratum and perform your calculation in one step. Random number generator

It’s a program that starts with a defined seed value and then randomly generates values between that seed value and the desired output.

Random Number Generator: A programming module used

Week by Week Course Overview

DAT610 Week 1 Description

Week 1 Description for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610) The purpose of this assessment is to help you: • Interpret the business context of the IT system • Create a risk assessment matrix that identifies the critical business process areas that will affect the project; and • Estimate and prioritise risks associated with these business processes. This assessment contains 5 questions, each worth 2 marks. To answer this question, you must read and understand all of the information in the course material for week

DAT610 Week 1 Outline

Click link below to Purchase: http://hwguiders.com/shop/paypal/direct-debit/ (Hurry, limited Quantity available) OR Pay using Credit Card 1. Introduction and Problem Statement: A. Your Problem: The Mission of your team is to use the past performance and risk analysis (DSS) techniques to determine the […]

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CJA 474 Week 5 Individual Assignment Critical Analysis of a Website Assignment Click Link Below To Purchase http://www.assignmentcloud.com/C

DAT610 Week 1 Objectives

To complete this assignment, you must complete the following: For each of the following projects, formulate a data analysis problem, select an appropriate evaluation statistic (significance level), and test it using an appropriate design. Calculate the required reliability coefficient and the 95% confidence interval for each result. In addition, you will choose a test statistic that is more likely to give a significant result than would be obtained with uncorrected binomial sampling and report its p-value. Submit your completed project and presentation in

DAT610 Week 1 Pre-requisites

Click below link for Answer: http://hwaid.com/product/dat610-week-1-pre-requisites-for-dat610/ Or Visit our website: http://hwaid.com 1-800-362-8332 (24/7) Email : help@hwaid.com All questions will be answered in 24 hours!

DAT610 Week 1 Duration

– Homework Help

by AT610 Week 1 Duration for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610)

by Student Assignment Help

View Business Week 1 Assignment Overview In this course, you will work with Tableau to perform various data visualization exercises. First, using Tableau’s interactive dashboarding feature, create a dashboard that tracks the lives of seven children in a group home over a three-month period. The children come from families with low incomes and few resources, but they all have some

DAT610 Week 1 Learning Outcomes

(2) – The purpose of this week’s Learning Outcomes assignment is to have students build upon their previous mathematical modeling experience by applying it to new problems. This assignment will begin with a discussion of how modeling techniques can be used to answer questions in the social sciences and how they can be applied to risk assessment in the real world. Students will also be asked to develop a Matlab-based model that can predict an individual’s credit score based on certain data elements, a question similar to the one posed in

DAT610 Week 1 Assessment & Grading

for DAT610 Week 1 Assessment & Grading for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610) FOR DAT610 WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT: 2014-08-04

2014-08-04 Questions: (a) what is the statistical significance of a p-value? What is the appropriate test statistic, given that your p-value is so small? (b) Briefly describe a nonparametric test of population proportion. Is it appropriate to use this test when the

DAT610 Week 1 Suggested Resources/Books

Name Course Instructor Date Table of Contents List of Suggested Readings Chapter 1 Probability, Statistics and Risk Modeling 1.1 Introduction: What is Risk? 1.2 The Value and Importance of Risk Assessment 1.3 Risk Assessment Process and Management 1.4 Identifying and Mitigating Risks 1.5 Measuring Risk 2. What is Quantitative Risk Analysis? (DAT610) – This section provides a basic introduction to quantitative risk analysis and emphasizes how the

DAT610 Week 1 Assignment (20 Questions)

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DAT610 Week 1 Assignment Question (20 Questions)

by Solve1

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Question 1: What is stochastic optimization? Provide an example to illustrate the concept.

Question 2: What is risk assessment?

Question 3: Write down a table that summarizes the sensitivity analysis of stock price with respect to each risk component. Compare the values of sensitivity analysis with those obtained from risk analysis.

Question 4: The following table describes the cost-benefit ratios of a project:

Sensitivity Analysis for Project Risk components Sensitivity (Value

DAT610 Week 1 Discussion 1 (20 Questions)

Discussions for Academic Decathlon

DAT610 Week 1 Discussion 1 (20 Questions) for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610) Discussions for Academic Decathlon

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DAT610 Week 1 DQ 1 (20 Questions)

– Course Project for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment.

The score report will be updated after each submission for this assessment. Please submit the score report before 11:59 PM on the due date.

DAT610 Week 1 Discussion 2 (20 Questions)

Discuss how risk and optimization are related to the 50,000 hour rule. What is the difference between risk, variability, and uncertainty? What do the terms mean in the context of analysis and optimization? Provide an example of a real-world problem that uses all three concepts. How do each of these concepts relate to risk assessment and management?


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DAT610 Week 1 DQ 2 (20 Questions)

– Exam View the following questions: • Chapter 1: Risk and Health for Humanitarian Action (HEDR006) • Chapter 2: Analysis and Evaluation of Humanitarian Action (HEDR006) • Chapter 3: Overcoming Complexity in Humanitarian Action (HEDR006) Answer each question according to APA style. Post your response in a Word document as an attached document with your username and course title in the file name. Submission Date: Wednesday, January 22,

DAT610 Week 1 Quiz (20 Questions)

for University of Chicago – College of Pharmacy.
CFA Level 1 (2008) Question Booklet. The CFA Program Handbook Version 2.0, August 2007
section is taken from the latest version of the catalog which has been approved by the Office of the Provost and VP for Academic Affairs and Student Development as having been approved for use

DAT610 Week 1 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions)

You get full access to all files! Learn more about the course… Learn more about the assignment… Learn more about the course…

This is a package of 20 multiple choice questions for week 1 in our Applied Decision Sciences course. This is a great starting point for the course and will provide an opportunity for you to practice. We hope you enjoy these assignments and find them helpful!

Thank you.

Assignment 1 Learning Objectives:

Understand optimization techniques

Understand risk assessment techniques


DAT610 Week 2 Description

For more course tutorials visit www.uophelp.com 1. Imagine you are evaluating two projects that will have similar benefits and costs. Project A is a $20,000 contract to buy 1000 pounds of seed potatoes for a farm in Texas. The farm has just built a new potato storage facility and plans to use the potatoes to produce more quality seed potatoes for the company’s farmers in the United States. Project B is a $30,000 contract to build an ice cream factory near Houston

DAT610 Week 2 Outline

With the emergence of new technologies and competitive pressures, public safety organizations are expected to find ways to provide cost-effective services to their constituents while still meeting the demands for increased service. Many departments face these issues daily. In addition, they must be able to meet legal requirements for public safety that include accountability and transparency. Public safety agencies have become more proactive in making decisions related to departmental policies, procedures and operations. The reason why an organization takes such action is because its cost-benefit analysis indicated that a

DAT610 Week 2 Objectives

1. Convert from a decision table to a mixed-integer programming model. 2. Identify the effect of the inclusion of risk and/or constraints in the decision making process. 3. Derive a risk minimization model that is based on a loss distribution function. 4. Determine whether the model is consistent with common sense or meets the optimization requirements for optimal solution implementation (e.g., sensitivity analysis, dominance analysis, etc.). 5. Determine whether the model provides sufficient information to recommend

DAT610 Week 2 Pre-requisites

Q: What is the most important concept to remember when writing code for a clinical decision support system? A: If you are using C++, you should worry about … $10.99 ADD TO CART

DAT610 Week 1 Pre-requisites for DAT610 – Numerical Integration (DAT610) Q: What is the most important concept to remember when writing code for a clinical decision support system? A: To make sure that numerical methods are used in your codes correctly, you should … $10

DAT610 Week 2 Duration

is a part of Assignment Series – Pricing . The final exam DAT610: Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610) contains 60 multiple choice questions. Cramster.com has the flashcards, study guides, and other tools to help you get the grade you want! View Study Resources Loading… Resume loading…

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DAT610 Week 2 Learning Outcomes

Week 2 Learning Outcomes for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Assessment (DAT610)

Type: 2.5 or more pages

Format: APA

Bibliography Style

For this assignment, you will complete the following:

Review Chapter 4, “Optimization and Risk Assessment” from Economics of Science, by Robert J. Barro, Jr.

Based on the information provided in Chapter 4, what are some ways to measure economic efficiency?

What measures of social welfare can be considered

DAT610 Week 2 Assessment & Grading

2) Using the Weighted Random Search method, to optimize a given model, perform 100 runs of the optimization procedure. For each run, compute the test statistic (χ2) using the values obtained by each optimization run. Compare the test statistic across optimization runs. a) Using what you have learned about tests of goodness-of-fit and statistical significance in homework assignments, discuss your results and interpret them b) What is going on when we find a χ2 value that is significantly different from

DAT610 Week 2 Suggested Resources/Books

and all other courses in the Health Policy Analysis (HPA) curriculum, at. Read More


There are two main assessments for this course: 1) a final exam and 2) a research paper. The final exam will cover the material from the lectures, readings, and class discussions. The research paper will be a 5-6 page paper (double spaced), which will show your analysis of a health policy issue and make recommendations based on the literature review you conducted.

DAT610 Week 2 Assignment (20 Questions)

1 )For each of the following questions, estimate the probability of a particular loss given the risk profile of the insurance company and then calculate the value of insurance under that particular scenario. 1 . What is the average cost for a program at Delta Company?

$6,000 (d) Based on your answer to part (b), what is Delta’s expected return on equity for year 2? Answer: Expected Return on Equity = 12% Total Capitalization = $7,00.

DAT610 Week 2 Assignment Question (20 Questions)

for College of Central Florida

A well-structured business plan outlines all the major requirements for launching and running a successful new venture. The business plan is a document that will act as a roadmap to follow and one which will make it easy to establish the core aims of your business venture. Having a well-written plan will ensure you have all the information needed when putting together your company’s financial forecast.

Business plan section 2 & 3 video lecture in DAT610

In this video we discuss about section

DAT610 Week 2 Discussion 1 (20 Questions)

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DAT610 Week 2 DQ 1 (20 Questions)

From Search Result Page

Question: (TCO A) A large, multinational company has been building two residential communities over the past few years. Recently, the company is facing a difficult situation due to the decrease in housing demand. The current housing market is unfavorable for the company as it has seen a decline in property values over the past year, with an approximate 20% drop in sales price from $175,000 to $150,000. The company believes that this increase in house prices will

DAT610 Week 2 Discussion 2 (20 Questions)


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Aim and Scope of the Study

The aim of this assignment is to examine risk assessment in a clinical setting as a part of risk management strategy. The assignment will also cover both quantitative and qualitative components of risk assessment for different clinical situations.

Assignment Structure

In this assignment, you are required to conduct a literature review on the

DAT610 Week 2 DQ 2 (20 Questions)

There are 20 questions on the DQ 2. Make sure you have completed all previous questions to pass this DQ. If you get it wrong, you can still pass, but you will not be eligible for the bonus points. Make sure you answer the questions in detail and as if your life depended on it. Here is a link to the document: http://www.studypool.com/discuss/260090/Week-2-DQ-2-20-Questions-for-D

DAT610 Week 2 Quiz (20 Questions)

– BrainMass


Optimization and Risk Assessment

Table 1. Intervals of Data and Value for the Sensory Quality Index (SQI) from Table 2

Table 2. Sensory Quality Index Values from Table 1

Table 3. Summary of Testing Studies that Compare Sensory Results from Various Methods with SQI

Week three lecture notes and videos:


DAT610 Week 2 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions)

in the following formats: Microsoft Word (.doc), Google Docs, and Apple MAC Pages.

You will find these questions to be similar to those that you would find on the DAT exam. This question set is based on topics covered in the DAT Modern Physics book by William C. LaPlante and David A. Boasberg.

Learn how to optimize and risk assess patients using risk management techniques, such as a systematic approach that starts with defining a problem and moving on to potential solutions, interventions and treatments

DAT610 Week 3 Description

– Week 3 Description for 100 points. Describe the following using a table format, as if you were writing an essay for one of your classes: (a) The procedure used to model and analyze a drug. (b) The system involved in risk assessment. (c) The main problems with the drug and the systems involved in the research phase of development (which you will need to discuss in class). For each problem, describe the specific action or actions that you would take to remedy it

DAT610 Week 3 Outline

Week 3 Outline for DAT610 – Optimization and Risk Asses