synthesize fromyour researchrevinestep 5 W r i t i n g

synthesize fromyour researchrevinestep 5 W r i t i n g

Your assignment for this chapter is to write a problem/ solution essay of five or more paragraphs about an issue related to education.

Topic: The junk food sold in school vending machines and follow the steps in the writing process.

STEP 1: Explore your topic, audience, and purpose.

  • Begin by doing some research on your topic.
  • Take notes on facts, figures, quotations, and the sources of your
  • information. With print or Internet materials, include the title of

    the article, the author (if one is listed), and the place where the

    article was found.

    . Decide on the audience for your paper-the person or people

    most concerned about the problem.

    STEP 2: Prewrite to get ideas,

  • Freewrite, brainstorm, or do clustering to explore your ideas
  • Organiza

    STEP 3: Organize your ideas.

  • Draft a preliminary thesis statement
  • Outline your paper
  • Introduce the problem, and indicate why it needs to be saved
  • Explain the problem and its specific implications,
  • List the support for your claims
  • Introduce a (possible
  • ) solution or solutions to the problem

  • Include a call for action
  • Write

    STEP 4: Write the first draft.

  • Include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion
  • Introduce the problem and the solution in the first paragraph.
  • Explore the problem specifically in the first body paragraph,

  • Introduce and explain the solution in the remaining body paragraphs.
  • Include a transition that introduces the solution
  • Support your claims with material that you synthesize from
  • your research


    STEP 5: Revise the draft.

  • Exchange papers with a partner, and give each other feedback
  • on your papers. Use the Chapter 6 Peer Review on page 235 to

    guide your feedback

    . Carefully consider your partner’s feedback. If you agree with it,

    revise your paper by marking the changes on your first draft


    Proofread STEP 6: Edit and proofread.

  • Use the Chapter 6 Writet’s Self-Check on page 236 to help you
  • look for and correct errors in grammar, mechanics, and sentence



    STEP 7: Write a new draft.

  • Revise the dratt, incorporating all the changes you want to make
  • Make sure the dratt is legible and follows the format your
  • Instructor has provided

  • Proofread the draft so that it is error free.
  • Hand in the essay to your instructor