swiss company called clime works H u m a n i t i e s

swiss company called clime works H u m a n i t i e s

Hi Students,

A few weeks back, there was a NOVA program on PBS that presented several of the ongoing efforts from around the world to fight Climate Change and mitigate the greenhouse effect. It was informative and interesting. It featured Carbon Capture efforts by a Swiss company called CLIME WORKS and Solar Geo-Engineering. You may be able to find it on (Nova program).

In the COLUMBIA MAGAZINE (Fall 2017) issue,pages 13-21, there’s a great article by Paul Hond titled “The Ice Detectives” about research in Antarctica that sheds light on how the earth’s climate has changed over time.

Another source that is informative and useful is titled “Learning to Live With Fossil Fuels” by Daniel Sarewitz and Roger Pielke Jr. in The Atlantic Magazine (May 2013), p.59.

As you structure your research paper, consider the magnitude of the problem on hand and why it is so pressing that something be done very soon to address it. An important question to consider is how to bring the world together to search for solutions. Whatever agreements are reached must be fair to all the world’s nations.

In constructing your thesis, ask yourself the following question: Of all the possible ways to combat climate change, which 3 do I think will be the most effective? And why? Make a claim about which approaches will prove most useful and then in your LINES OF ARGUMENT present the evidence to support your claim.

Here are some approaches that have been suggested: 1) Moving towards solar, wind, and nuclear power; 2) putting a carbon tax on fossil fuels to dissuade people from using gasoline/petroleum products; 3) reforestation of the earth/protecting our rain forests; 4) Carbon Capture in smokestacks and atmosphere; 5) Using hydrogen fueled or electric automobiles; 6) Converting CO2 after capture into useful materials (toothpaste; yoga mats; production of cement etc.); and many others.

In your paper, you will argue for what you feel are the most effective solutions to solve the crisis.

I. Introduction, including a thesis statement; II. Necessary Background; III. Lines of Argument; IV. Refutation; V. Conclusion) and focus on finding solutions to the CLIMATE CHANGE crisis. What do you feel will be the most effective ways to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gases like CO2 and methane in our atmosphere? A good documentary to see (on YOU TUBE) to get started is “Before the Flood” with Leonardo DiCaprio narrating. This film provides a good overview on climate change. Please use good source materials, including professional journals, and magazine and newspaper articles. PAPER LENGTH: 4-5 typed, double-spaced pages (Times New Roman, 12 font), PLUS a REFERENCES page (which lists all the sources used).