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Templates are attached for parts one and two. Human Papilloma Virus is the disease.


Every day we make choices that influence our health, but often these choices are influenced by the environment and/or other determinants of health that surround us. In this discussion board assignment, you will revisit the Social-Ecological Model of Health in order to explore the different influences and factors that combine to impact those individuals or populations who are impacted by the disease or condition you have studied over the duration of this course.

According to the text, the social-ecological model explains the interactions between the individual, the community, and the physical, social and political environments. Keep in mind that these interactions are dynamic and that choices and conditions may change, dependent upon the changes that occur within each level.


Part I

  • Complete the template as it might pertain to your selected disease or condition. A good starting point for this assignment can be found on the CDC Veto Violence website (Links to an external site.). This resource provides you with several examples related to violence from a Social-Ecological perspective. With the knowledge you have gained during your research and reading, follow the provided violence example to complete your own Social-Ecological Model of _______________________ (name of your disease or condition). Human Papilloma Virus
  • Save the template to your computer as a MSWord document ONLY.

Part II

You will create a timeline specific to your selected disease or condition in order to develop a better understanding of how the disease occurs, how that has happened over time, how it can be prevented and what the future predictions are. Then, you will share that information along with two evidence-based public health recommendations for the future. Be sure to cite your information as needed. DO NOT copy and paste information from the internet into this timeline.

Two good references that will help you get started are listed below. Both links provide a timeline for Yellow Fever, but are created in different manners. The first resource provides you with a detailed example of the timeline for Yellow Fever. Although you are not required to provide this amount of detail, it gives you a good idea of how public health researchers look “backward” when investigating diseases:

Disease HistoryTimeline Example.pdf

This second resource provides you with a more “visual” look at a disease timeline.. This example is more similar to what you will be doing in this assignment:

https:// class=”screenreader-only”> (Links to an external site.)

Timeline Template Instructions:

  • First, identify and list the five historical points you plan to share on your timeline.
  • Second, complete the sections labeled “Step 1 Title”, including information to support the context of the time point it is aligned with.
  • Save the document and copy the Power Point slide into the MSWord document you completed in Part I.
  • You should now have a single MSWord document with Parts I and II included.

Part III

  • This assignment component requires you to synthesize what you have learned about your selected disease or condition and summarize recommendations for future solutions or preventive measures in one or two paragraphs as part of your Discussion Board 5.1 Post. REMINDER: These recommendations should be evidence-based, with appropriate citations, NOT your personal opinion. Tip: Summarize these two points as the main takeaways for your fellow students. For example, if someone asked you how could Type 2 Diabetes be prevented, you might say “According to the CDC…..” or “According to the American Heart Association……..”
  • List your references in APA format
  • DO NOT copy and paste from the internet as that is considered plagiarism and will result in a zero for the assignment and submission of the plagiarized work to the UTA Office of Student Conduct.