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sports management discussion question B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

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Environmental conditions and knee

Dry skin and Warm to the Touch Discussion #1:

After a tough soccer practice in the heat, one of your strikers lay down, exhausted, on the field.  When you arrive to help him, you fear his body temperature may be a problem because you notice that his shirt is soaking wet but he is quite dry and warm to the touch.  Since he is a black athlete you are unable to detect a skin color change, buy you think he seems hot.  Explain what you can do to help him.  Be thorough in your explanation (i.e., tell who will help him and how it will be done).

Heat Cramps Discussion #2:

One of your college defensive backs has been wearing a bandana over his head, under his football helmet.  He has been complaining of having heat cramps near the end of practice and wants to know what to do to prevent them.  Explain the common reason for the heat cramps.  Do you see any reason to advise him NOT to wear the bandana?  Discuss this in your posting and comment to another student’s post.

Recommendations for Increased Safety Posting Discussion #3:

You have just been hired to coordinate the sport teams for all middle schools in a school district.  The district has five schools, and each school has boys’ and girls’ soccer, basketball, tennis, and track, as well as girls’ volleyball and boys’ football.  One of your job responsibilities is to review the playing areas and make recommendations for any safety measures that may be needed.  Visit a school (middle, high or college) in your town and evaluate a field OR court to be used.  Write up a summary of each area with recommendations for increased safety.