source material used must W r i t i n g

source material used must W r i t i n g

Here is a lecture and video I posted on the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Watching the lecture is optional but you must watch the video. The video begins at 23:45 into the presentation and continues to the 1 hour 14 minute and 22 second mark. Your assignment is simple but requires time, accuracy, and thoughtfulness. Taking notes may be useful. Compare the 1918 pandemic to the current Coronavirus pandemic. In what ways are they similar and in what ways are they different? This is not a discussion board assignment so students will not see the responses of their classmates. This assignment will be scanned to ensure that all writing comes from the student. Any source material used must be properly cited. Review the earlier videos on plagiarism for guidance if necessary. Any response in which plagiarism is detected will not receive credit even if the offense is unintentional.

Grading rubric

18-20 points: An excellent and thoughtful response which demonstrates that you took the time to carefully watch the video. The response shows a clear understanding of the issues surrounding the 1918 pandemic with supporting facts. An equally strong understanding of the challenges facing the nation and the world due to the current pandemic is clear and the similarities and differences of the two events are clearly expressed.

15-17 points: A strong but less detailed response which demonstrates a general understanding of the 1918 pandemic and shows that the video was watched by the student. Some supporting facts are included. A general understanding of current events surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic is expressed. The two events are compared with differences explained in a very basic and general way.

12-14 points: A very basic understanding of the 1918 pandemic is expressed and it is not certain that the entire video was carefully watched. Few if any supporting facts are included. A brief and general understanding of the current pandemic is represented and it is not entirely clear that the differences between the two pandemics is understood.

13 and fewer points: It is unclear if the student took the time to watch the video. Information is overly vague and unclear. Information may be incomplete or inaccurate. It is likely the assignment was completed quickly and at the last minute. An understanding of the current pandemic and a comparison to the 1918 pandemic is incomplete with limited information.…