social categories like class W r i t i n g

social categories like class W r i t i n g

Engagement Agreements:

  • Use “I” statements
  • Focus on information garnered from the readings more than on your personal experiences
  • Agree by finding a commonality, disagree by contrasting/sharing a different experience and inviting a response, or share an alternative explanation
  • All discussions should be posted directly to the Discussion Board. Unlike essay assignments, please do not upload discussions as attachments. Post your comments directly so that all students can easily access discussion posts and responses.
  • Ethnic slurs, anti-immigrant, classist, sexist and homophobic remarks, religious diatribes, and hate speech are unacceptable commentary for this course. If used, posts will not be accepted or graded. This policy will also be enforced for all discriminatory language (see syllabus for further). If there are any questions or concerns about this policy, students can feel free to discuss with the instructor, the director of the program, and/or the dean of the college.
  • Ask clarifying questions if needed


1. In the “Origins of Women’s Movement” video, a scholar claims that the women’s movement began during WWII, as women began to work outside the home. Using the reading “Hierarchies of femininity,” reflect on what this claim is missing, and why we tell this story about the origins of the women’s movement. What does this example reveal about how gender intersects with other social categories like class, and race?

2. Sojourner Truth (1797-1883) was an African-American women’s rights activist and abolitionist. Truth was born into slavery, but escaped to freedom in 1826. “Ain’t I a Woman?” is her most famous speech. Using the concept of intersectionality that we learned about in module 2, answer: A. What rights are the two groups she refers to in paragraph one fighting for? B. What is her argument in this speech? State at least 2 pieces of evidence for that.

You must also respond to 2 classmates (at least 40 words).