sixth week assignments link assignment guidelines B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

sixth week assignments link assignment guidelines B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Objective: For this assignment, you will describe and analyze your organizational setting and context, setting the stage for the job analysis and performance appraisal process.The paper will be 3-4 pages long. More information and due date will provide in the Sixth Week assignments link


1) You are expected to describe your agency or organization, ideally your field practicum. This description will serve as the beginning of your other assignments (job analysis and performance appraisals).

2) Develop a 3-4-page paper not including references, charts, or a cover page. It must be typewritten and follow APA 7th edition format (12-point font, double-spaced, standard margins) and include proper references when appropriate.

3) Organize the various parts of your paper with the section headings provided (headings are identified in bold). Be sure you answer all subsections of each heading.

Students will critically analyze the readings from Chapters 14 to 15 in your textbook. This assignment is designed to help you evaluate, analyze, and apply the readings to your Health Care Human Resource department as well as develop the groundwork for all of your outstanding projects.

You need to read the chapters assigned for week 6 and develop a 3-4-page paper reproducing your understanding and capability to apply the readings to your Health Care Human Resource Department. Each paper must be typewritten with 12-point font and double-spaced with standard margins. Follow APA format when referring to the selected articles and include a reference page.


1. Introduction (25%) Provide a brief synopsis of the meaning (not a description) of each Chapter and articles you read, in your own words.

2. Your Critique (50%)

a. Organizational Setting (25%)

*Describe the organization.

*What are the demographics of the staff & clients?

* What services are provided?

  • Organizational Climate (25%)
    • *What is the climate of the organization?
    • *The guiding philosophy?
    • *The stated and unstated values?
    • * Which type of organization is your organization?
    • *What are the human resource needs?
    • * What type of measurement the organization use to addressing behavior problems?
    • * How do individuals form relationships, adapt to the environment, and terminate?

3. Conclusion (15%)

Briefly summarize your opinions & deduction to your critique of the articles and Chapter you read.How did these articles and Chapters influence your judgements on Training and Development?

Evaluation will be based on how clearly you respond to the above, in particular:

a) The clarity with which you critique the chapters.

b) The depth, scope, and organization of your paper; and,

c) Your conclusions, including a description of the impact of these articles and Chapters on any Health Care Setting.