singapore smart hotel technology guide 2018in order W r i t i n g

singapore smart hotel technology guide 2018in order W r i t i n g

WK11 Discussion Board–What makes a guestroom smart?

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What Makes a Smart Guestroom?

Ever since the internet and communication technologies (ICT) were introduced to the hotel industry, there have been numerous discussions about how hotels could utilize ICT to make the guestroom smart. A smart guestroom might be defined as “a room that makes use of smart electronic devices, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). This IoT technology means that what were once ordinary devices are not fitted with internet-connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data and, effectively, communicate with one another (https:// class=”screenreader-only”> (Links to an external site.)). All of the major hotel companies are embracing the concept of smart guestroom in their new guestroom development projects.

Singapore Smart Hotel Technology Guide 2018

In order to assist the Singapore hotel industry to remain the leadership position in the global hotel market, the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) joined together to form a Hotel Innovation Committee (HIC) to study what technologies are needed to make a hotel “smart” enough to maintain the leadership position through 2030. The HIC published a Smart Hotel Technology Guide in 2018 that sketches out how ICT could help hotels to enhance the guest experience throughout a guest’s journey of hotel stay, i.e., from pre-stay to hotel stay then to post-stay.

Hotel guest journey 2.jpg

Source: Singapore Smart Hotel Technology Guide 2018

For this week’s discussion board, let’s focus on the technologies to contribute to a guest’s hotel stay experience including in-room, in-hotel, and outside hotel technologies.

Discussion Questions

1. Read Singapore Smart Hotel Technology Guide 2018. Pay special attention to p. 13 to p. 20.

2. Discuss how technologies, such as IoT, AI, location-based real-time marketing technologies, facial recognition, robotics, etc. could be utilized to construct a “smart” hotel guest experience. Please share your hotel stay experience if possible.

3. On the other side of the coin, the smart room needs to know you in order to provide personalized information and services to you, which brings up issues and concerns related to privacy. Please watch the following video. If a guest does not want to provide any personal information to the smart system, could the hotel room still be smart?

“Smart” hotels come with privacy concerns for travelers

Extra Information:

Do you have a smart plug or a smart switch install at home? See the image below. You can use your mobile phone or Google Assist or Amazon Echo to control them. These are all IoT devices.

smart plug.JPG


Have you ever heard of a company called Nest, which is specialized in producing home thermostat and security camera? Its thermostat is expensive which is in the range of $200+. Watch this video about its product.

What makes Nest special? According to its website, it uses IoT technology and makes the thermostat smart, and you can access it anywhere, anytime by the smartphone app. Is it worth? Yes, no, maybe so. I have a student who told me that Nest thermostat help her family to save about 20% of electricity usage. Isn’t it amazing?

Now, think about hotel rooms and energy saving. How much money can hotels save by utilizing IoT?