show people wearing masks — everybody B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

show people wearing masks — everybody B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Background (Kim Sheehan, Univ. of Oregon):

Brands can play a big role in normalizing the wearing of masks. For example, brand spokespeople can wear masks in all public-facing activities Ads and social media messages can show people wearing masks—everybody, not just health care workers. Messages can connect masks to “Together, we can do so much.” messages, changing what is becoming a superficial platitude to a strong call to action. How about a mask free with purchase? Or one mask mailed as part of every Amazon or Chewy delivery?

Brands have done this in the past successfully. Cheerios’ ads celebrated all kinds of families, including those where parents are from different racial groups. Subaru and Ikea were two of the first companies to specifically target lesbians and normalize same-sex couples in society. Advertising is a powerful force in normalizing a variety of behaviors in our society.


The overall goal of this assignment will be to give you an opportunity to better understand the concepts being studied, to apply the concepts being studied, and/or to “stretch” your knowledge about consumer behavior. Your challenge is to create a consumer-focused marketing plan for a brand that supports its features, attributes, and values, focusing on how they are relevant to its target audience. Particularly, this assignment will ask you: (1) choose a brand (any); (2) set target audience (any); (3) propose some of ways marketers can show consumers their empathy and resilience to foster masks wearing (Be specific!).

Instructions: You will make a concise proposal.

§ The proposal should have a strict 4-page limit (cover page/title page not needed).

§ You must use and cite at least three references (other than our text). I will accept the following as sources: scholarly journals, trade publications, reputable mass media and their websites. If you’re not sure about a source, please ask me before or after class, or email me.

§ It should be double-spaced with standard margins, Times-New Roman, and 12-point font.

Grading: Your proposal will be evaluated by the scoring rubrics. You may receive up to 2.5 points for each of the following:

Persuasiveness of arguments

Logical flow

Quality of conclusion

Quality & number of sources/references