sevan gorginian business law 120 W r i t i n g

sevan gorginian business law 120 W r i t i n g

So I will be needing 6 summaries one for the regular assignment and 1 for the extra credit so total 6.

WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT – this is worth 100 points. The assignment is for you to search online and find 5 articles and write a summary on each article. See attached as an example. You will submit it into the “Written Assignment” folder on Canvas. This is due by the date of your final exam. See attached sample.

EXTRA CREDIT – This is the same as as the written assignment but you will need to do 1 more case. There will be a folder created on your classroom Canvas where you can submit your extra credit assignments if you choose to do so. Deadline to submit is day of the final exam.

this is an example assignment

EXAMPLE OF THE “WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT” DUE – Up to 100 points. 25 points per article. Instructions: find 5 articles, put the title and copy/paste the link. Then you are to write a brief summary of the article AND say what you learned in class and how it applies to the article you just read. Name: Sevan Gorginian Business Law 120, Thursday Class November 19, 2020 Article 1: “Johnny Depp loses libel case against Britain’s Sun newspaper” Link: