see purdue owl writing center link W r i t i n g

see purdue owl writing center link W r i t i n g


1) Choose a public health concern from a list of topics given in Modules week 3 or go to https:// class=”screenreader-only”> (Links to an external site.) to choose from one of the topics listed on the American Public Health Association website.

2) Using the 5 step approach (using the provided example and described in Chapter 1 of the textbook)-write and submit an outline (use worksheet as format) to the public health problem (submit by end of week 9 of the course). The outline will be graded (25 points)

3) Complete the assignment worksheet (Steps 2-5) and submit by the last day of the course.

Check out the grading rubric for the assignment: Rubric for Part 1.

Background of the 5 step approach:

The focus of public health is on prevention. The desire is to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of entire populations. This approach strives to provide the maximum benefit for the largest number of people.

Public health relies on knowledge from a broad range of science-based disciplines including medicine, epidemiology, sociology, psychology, criminology, education, and economics. This broad knowledge base has allowed the field of public health to respond successfully to a range of health conditions across the globe.

The public health approach also emphasizes input from diverse sectors including health, education, social services, justice, policy and the private sector. Cooperative action on the part of these stakeholders can help in addressing a multitude of health concerns.

The Assignment:

We will be simplifying the process of the PH approach. Usually, many people are involved and the process can take many weeks, months, or even years. We will be going through all of the steps with the limited time and data that we can collect- our interventions, evaluations, and monitoring summaries will mostly be theoretical.

1) READ the following example (you will use this model for your assignment): PH5stepapproach.pdf

2) FILL IN the Step 1 portion of this worksheet-this MUST INCLUDE your public health issue AND the answers to the questions listed in the worksheet for step 1:

How many people are affected by the identified problem?

Who is experiencing the problem?

When and where is the problem occurring?

You will need to do a preliminary data search to answers these questions. You can use the database at Grossmont College (insert link) to obtain your resources. You must have 3-5 evidence-based (no Wikipedia or website information) sources. You can refer to the PICO worksheet to help with the search process. All citations must be formatted correctly. (Grossmont College Database will allow you to copy the citation- simply paste to your worksheet- all other resources must use APA or MLA format (see Purdue Owl writing Center link (Links to an external site.) for help).

3) SUBMIT the part 1 worksheet during week 3 of the class- This will be graded.

Once you receive your grade on your outline- make any adjustments that were given to you in the comments of the grading area and then complete the assignment as follows:

Check the grading rubric for Part 2: Rubric for part 2

Check out the example worksheet for Steps 2-5

4) Complete Steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 using this worksheet and submit the completed assignment by the last day of the class at 11:59 pm. (Submission link is in Week 16 Module)

NOTE: You need to submit a completed assignment (Steps 1-5) in the submission link. This can be part 1 worksheet and part 2 worksheet as two separate files or you can combine them into one file if you would like. Make sure to make any recommended changes to Step 1 on your completed submission.