saudi arabian maximum ‐ security prison located south W r i t i n g

saudi arabian maximum ‐ security prison located south W r i t i n g

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In this activity you must define your own scope of analysis in response to the security problem assigned to you (CILO 1), identify factors relevant to your scope of analysis, evaluate their relationship, & propose a GIS-testable hypothesis (CILO 2), defend a chosen method, collect available data, and generate output using GIS software (CILO 3), and finally you will report on the results (CILO 4).

Each student will be given an open-ended security scenario. Follow the process below and answer questions on your problem based on the criteria given in the CILOs.

my scenaario is An escape of prisoners occurred at the Al‐Ha’ir Prison, a Saudi Arabian maximum‐security prison located south of Riyadh.


Step 1
1. Find your assigned security scenario from your section pdf file.
2. Open attached Portfolio Project Template. This will be your Project Portfolio document.
3. Write down your assigned security-related problem.
Step 2
1. Write a title: GIS Scope of Analysis
2. Answer the following questions:
i. Describe the background of the problem: you should be able to convert a vague problem statement or observation into a detailed and concrete description of relevant variables, properly contextualized in terms of both geography and policy.
ii. Finding similar examples that have been researched in the past and using security science theory to create a framework for analysis.
iii. Compare potential GIS analytical approaches to define your supported GIS question.
Step 3
1. Write a title: Formulating a Hypothesis
2. Answer the following questions:
i. Identify factors (be they variables, parameters or whatever) pertinent to the scope of analysis.
ii. create a statement proposing explanatory relationships should be constructed that is fully explained and clearly links back to the original problem and scope of analysis.
Step 4
1. Write a title: Test Hypothesis
2. Select and describe a method of GIS analysis that can be implemented through software
3. Describe the necessary data from appropriate data sources that you would need to make a map
Step 5
1. Write a title: Propose Action Plan
2. Propose action plan supported by your GIS analysis and relevant security science theory
3. Discuss local (Saudi) implementation of your action plan
4. Give references to international best practices that support your plan
Step 6
1. Upload completed document with four (4) titles and questions answered to Blackboard.

Grading is by rubric and is 15% of final grade.