relevant learning outcomes demonstrate rhetorical awareness H u m a n i t i e s

relevant learning outcomes demonstrate rhetorical awareness H u m a n i t i e s

  1. Due DateSaturday, December 5, 20209:00 AMPoints Possible80
  2. Required length: 500 words (2 pages)Due Date: Saturday 12/5 by 9:00am for feedback, revise-able until 9:00am 12/12, no exceptions (this is the official final calendar day of the semester).Task: We have reached the end of English 160, and if all has gone well you’ve submitted all of the previous essays including the most recent analytical essay. Take some time to reflect on this process, and on your growth during the class, in a final, 500-word personal essay. What has changed from the beginning of this semester for you? Do you feel you’ve mastered any particular new skills? What was your favorite part of the class? Least favorite? What else would you like to learn or read next once you move on to the Spring semester? If you like, you can revisit your writing history from the first week of class and compare how you felt then to how you feel now. I’m interested in your evaluation of your own skills, but also your impressions of how the class went overall, the experience of working in several different “modes” of essay writing, and insight as to what you feel you gained from the class in general.

    As a conclusion to this essay, if you have any advice for students next term taking this course, please write the final portion of this essay directly to them, to let them know how to succeed in my class. If you give me your permission (just write it in the document if you’re ok with it) I’ll share these notes anonymously with my next group of students when they start in the Spring. This is a personal-essay style writing project, and “you” and “I” direct address are allowed here.

    Evaluation criteria

    • Are the tone, point-of-view, and vocabulary choices appropriate to the task?
    • Does the essay attend to the purpose of the prompt and take audience into consideration?
    • Does the essay have a discernable beginning, middle, and end?
    • Is the essay free of typos and grammatical or mechanical errors?
    • Does the essay meet the minimum length requirements?

    Relevant learning outcomes

    • Demonstrate rhetorical awareness of audience through different genre-based assignments.
    • Defend a position in relation to the range of ideas surrounding a topic.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of writing as a process, including consideration of peer and instructor feedback, from initial draft to final revision.
    • Demonstrate sentence-level correctness.