recent news report exposed serious engine problems W r i t i n g

recent news report exposed serious engine problems W r i t i n g

1. If you had to guess, what would you say is your preferred conflict handling style? Please answer this question prior to answering question # 2.

2. What is your primary conflict handling style? What is your back-up conflict handling style? Note. To answer this question, you will need to complete the 15-item conflict handling style survey at the end of this file. So, complete the survey, add up your scores, then answer this question.

3. Has your approach to handling conflict ever gotten you in trouble/resulted in an outcome you later regretted? Describe one conflict you had in the past in which you took an approach that you later regretted. Also describe what might have been a better approach and why you think things would have turned out differently had you taken that alternative approach.

Background for questions 4 and 5: A recent news report exposed serious engine problems in the 2020 Tesla Series X. The company took immediate action and halted current production, suspended sales of vehicles already on the showroom floor, and notified current owners not to drive their car. This is obviously a huge disaster for the company. The company needs to solve the problem quickly to avoid costly lawsuits and regain its reputation with the public. To address the problem, they appoint Gabi Eissa to head a task force. They send Gabi to the main manufacturing plant in Fremont, CA. Gabi has been a crisis manager within the automobile industry for over 10 years, but has little experience working with engines. Prior to leaving for the plant, he spends weeks researching previous engine problems with electric vehicles. In Fremont, he finds a task force of plant workers that have been brought together for this specific problem. Most of these workers are not specifically engine specialists, but they are lifelong mechanics and have substantial engineering knowledge. Given these dynamics…

4. Which leader decision-making style should Gabi employ? Note. In your answer, pick one of the four leader decision-making styles discussed in Chapter 14 and justify it’s use with four situational factors that suggest that is the correct approach.

5. Based on what little information we have about Gabi, what type(s) of power would you say he has/does not have? Note. In your answer, be sure to discuss all five forms of power including a statement/justification for why you said he either does or does not have that type of power.