qlik discusses 4 ways organizations W r i t i n g

qlik discusses 4 ways organizations W r i t i n g

In this assignment, you will do research to identify the priorities of the audience you will be speaking to. You will use the research you completed to develop the student handout as the foundation for a brief white paper that will speak to major clients or investors. You may opt to do this at the level of your general field (the program in which you are studying) or specific field (i.e automotive design, cybersecurity, data visualization, highway design, medical devices, or many more). While this white paper will cover many of the same issues you addressed in the first document you will complete this document in a way that speaks to this different audience. This should include the types of issues or problems probability and statistics are used for and the way it is involved in the process of your work. You will develop a cohesive document for the purpose of introducing this new audience to the contribution probability and statistics will make in the work you will do for them or for them to make money from investing in your work. As part of this assignment, you will be expected to present this in a way that is visually appealing to an executive-level audience, tells a story that is important to them, and is grammatically correct. Your content will include 5 APA cited sources at a minimum. When creating engaging material having relevant graphics makes your document easier to look at, include at least two relevant images. Your images must be labeled and cited.

You may have found when you shared your first assignment with your group that you needed to complete more research on the use of probability and statistics in your field. Additionally, you will likely want to know the issues that the people you are speaking to will need to have addressed. Think about and search locations for this information that are likely to have this type of information presented.

If you are making claims about how probability and statistics are used and their importance you need to have a source to back it up.

Additionally, review the information below on Data Literacy and Business. Two of these articles contain data visualizations that you are required to include in your text, and that you will revise and focus visually to be appropriate to your purpose and audience. (You may use more of the visualized data than you are required to.)

The first assignment is uploaded if needed/.