providing affordable smoking prevention intervention W r i t i n g

providing affordable smoking prevention intervention W r i t i n g


Use the problem identified in your PICOT statement as the topic for review. The paper MUST be prepared using APA guidelines for references. Citations (author and year) should also be present as the studies are discussed.

For this assignment,

Find at least 15 article related to this:

Does providing affordable smoking prevention intervention such as counseling sessions with a follow-up period for adult smokers aged from 18 to 50 more effective than a medical intervention such as the patch, nicotine gum, and psychotherapy for reducing the smoking rate after 9 months of intervention?

review the research on the topic, synthesize the findings and, based on the strength of the evidence, evaluate the usefulness of applying the findings into clinical practice. This assignment consists of the following steps:

  • Decide which research problem you would like to address and obtain approval from the professor. Be sure that the title reflects the research problem.
  • Present the PICOT question
  • Conduct a thorough literature search; these articles must address the specific research problem and include both quantitative and qualitative articles, if possible.
  • Complete the Summary Table of Evidence
  • Title the table appropriately (see suggested sample below).
  • Fill in the cells of the table appropriately and accurately for each article.
  • Prepare a two page summary of your findings, indicating your perception of the appropriateness of applying the evidence-based treatment/ intervention into clinical practice, based on your review of the studies. Include this prior to the table of evidence.
  • Add a legend at the bottom of the table that explains any abbreviations used in the table.
  • APA (title page that includes your name, the title, the course name, and the date.

See the Attached files one of them has the full instructions, and the second one is my friend’s paper to give an example of what you are really required to do.

15 article to be summarized each article one page one table and 2 pages reflection of the founding.