project could take W r i t i n g

project could take W r i t i n g

It needs to be revised or rewritten according to the existing papers, and all the documents that need to be cited are MLA.

The final work for this course will be a research project that you will create, design, and execute. We will be planning this throughout the semester, so you should be open to ideas from the very start of the course.

This project could take a number of different forms. Perhaps you wish to concentrate on the impact of a particular form of technology, or media. It could be that you want to focus on an aspect of culture, perhaps music, film, or literature. Maybe your interest is in advertising or journalism, or an aspect of the law.

In any of these cases, it will be important to establish a focus. The best way to do this is to form a question that you want to explore and examine.

Your focus will be on making connections between your subject and the culture of the 1920s. Your task is to research and analyze your subject and to show how the culture of the time influenced your subject, and how your subject added to the culture created in the 1920s.

There is no point taking on too much and not being able to deliver something with depth and detail. This is a research paper, so you want to be able to demonstrate why this is your subject, which particular aspect of the subject is of the most interest to you, why that is, and what you want a reader to know and understand after reading your paper. All facts, thoughts, and opinions will need to be supported by sources and research.

First, you wrote a proposal that sets out what you want to focus on, why you think it is important, and which indicates something about how you will approach the work.

Then, you wrote a draft of the paper. You submitted this, and received feedback about the work from other people in the class.

Finally, now, you will prepare a final version of the project and submit it at the end of the semester.

Drafting is the hard work, and revising is the finesse work, but a lot more – it can be brutal too if you have to kill your darlings and jettison work you have done. Revision is more than fixing a few typos. It is re-vising (re-seeing) your paper and incorporating feedback into the revision.