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produce solar energy – fueled chargers B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

I just need an outline for a powerpoint. I need this in Microsoft word format. Below is an example of what I need:

1. point number 1

2. point number 2

3. point number 3

Brief paragraph as this will be a narrated powerpoint and I will read this paragraph describing the points above

In this project, you will be called upon to research the possible legal structures and organizational structures for a business that will produce solar energy–fueled chargers that will charge a variety of products on the go. As you consider starting your own company, you’ll make a determination about which structures will work best.

Click Step 1: Research the Steps to Create and Manage a Small Business to get started.

Step 1: Research the Steps to Create and Manage a Small Business

You decided to take a week of vacation time from Colossal to devote yourself entirely to developing your new business venture. The new business is a solar energy–fueled charger that charges a variety of products on the go, including cell phones and other electronic devices. You begin by going into your home office to work on the task at hand—the preparation of a narrated PowerPoint to practice your presentation to potential investors. The presentation will address all of the key issues related to the legal form and organizational structure of your business. Specifically, you will include the following in your narrated PowerPoint:

  • A name for your business, a brief mission statement reflecting the primary goals of the business, and an explanation for why you chose this name and mission statement. You will explain how this mission statement is drafted so that it is clear, concise, and meaningful to your business’s stakeholders.
  • An examination of the three most appropriate legal forms of business for your venture. Include a detailed examination of the advantages and disadvantages of these three forms and an evaluation of these six factors:
    • creation and maintenance
    • continuity
    • ownership and control
    • personal liability
    • compensation and division of profits
    • taxation
  • A choice of the best legal form of business for your new company
    from the three you considered and a full explanation of your choice.
  • A detailed diagram of your organization chart and a rationale explaining structural decisions reflected in your organization chart, including:
    • the titles of the different individuals and why you chose those titles
    • the tasks the different individuals and groups will have for contributing to the aims of the company
    • the reporting structure (who will report to whom and why)
    • a choice regarding outsourcing the human resources function, including a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of outsourcing the human resources function
    • all other relevant factors (for example, will your business structure be functional, centralized, decentralized, etc.), including how your chosen structure will contribute to your long-term aims of going national and international, or how it will need to be modified to achieve these aims

After reviewing the above outline of your presentation, you recall the recent conference call with your potential business partners, Roza and Gary. You realize that you will need this information to make the best legal and organizational decisions for your business. You’re asked by one of your collaborators to examine some resources on creating and managing a new business and on drafting a mission statement.

In order to complete this task, you realize that you must do some additional research to address the legal and strategic implications of your decisions if your business is to get off the ground.

Step 2: Determine the Legal Structure of Your Business: Gather and Analyze Information

Now that you have read a broad overview of new business creation and management, you recognize that the next step in creating your new business is to decide on one of the many legal forms of business you will use to form your new company. You want to show the investors that you really know your stuff, so you decide to select three forms of business to analyze and you’ll explain in your presentation why the option you chose is the best for your new venture.

Step 3: Determine Your Organization’s Structure: Gather and Analyze Information

After selecting the most appropriate legal form of business, you’re messaged by one of your colleagues in the collaboration, Roza Worrell:


From: Roza Worrell

To: You

I’m glad you finalized your decisions on the legal form for the new business. Now we need to decide on the organization structure and design that would work best for our goals. We need to determine what departments the organization will need, who will report to whom, how many levels we will have in our organization’s hierarchy, and how many individuals will report to each manager (span of control).

We really need a structure that will promote communication and coordination of efforts across the entire organization. We also need to consider whether or not we should be outsourcing the HR function.

After formulating your thoughts, you may also need to do some additional research on the web and in the library to enhance your knowledge for this presentation.

Thanks for all you’re doing to make this business a reality. Good luck in your final prep for the presentation.



The rest of the project will be me creating the powerpoint with what you provided.