problem finding enough information W r i t i n g

problem finding enough information W r i t i n g

DISCUSSION #1 Please label as such

The Baroque Period was a period in Music History. (In fact, it was the 3rd, and came after the Medieval and Renaissance Periods. The time frame for this period was from 1600-1750.  During the Baroque Period, you did not have to necessarily go to college to study to be a musician. You did, however, had to have talent. Some musicians inherited the position, gave a donation to gain the position, or married into the work. Henry Purcell, George Frederic Handel and J.S. Bach are just a few of the prominent composers of this period.  By examining these musicians and how they came to prominence, you may gain more insight into the period. Please write about the music of the Baroque Period in general, new forms of music during the Baroque Period and a few prominent composers of the period. You will have no problem finding enough information for this Discussion Board. I have included links that may help you down below.

Please write a main post of 150 words, and posts to two peers at 75 words each.


Discussion 2 

:Please critique “Toccata and Fugue in d minor” by  Johann Sebastian Bach, a very prominent composer of the Baroque Period. In fact, J.S. Bach is still very well known. I believe you will be surprised at how familiar this piece may seem to you.   Please use the model that was provided for your first music critique.  Be as descriptive as possible. This should be getting a bit easier by now.