possible appropriate images might include W r i t i n g

possible appropriate images might include W r i t i n g

Below you will complete an introduction and self-assessment and you will reply to at least two other students in the course so that we can get to know each other (please reply to students that do not already have TWO responses; that way everyone will get a shout out).

[Please excuse the following soapbox moment]: Having taught composition online since our world changed last spring, please trust me when I say that the quality of your peer-to-peer interaction in this class will directly correspond with how much you get out of it. By it, I mean this course. This virtual space is not a perfect replacement for the physical classroom, but y’all miss each other and research is way more fun when done in community.

Ahem, back to regular programming: Please read through the following directions before you complete your first discussion post. Your post should be around 300-500 words, but I’m not going to be a tyrant about it.

Multi-Modal Introduction and Self-Assessment

Utilizing any writing strategies you learned in WR 39B (or elsewhere), respond to the following series of questions in the form of a self-reflective essay that provides me with a sense of your writing life (try to write as an interesting and interested subject). Remember, you can loosely respond to some or all or none at all of the questions; they are meant to help you generate thoughts about your writing habits and process not act as prescriptions–if you have a better idea about how to help me understand you as a person and writer, as a writerly person, I’m into it.

Multi-Modality: Include at least TWO images in your essay that help us get to know you and allow you to discuss your relationship to writing in a unique way. Possible appropriate images might include a picture of you right now eating a donut, screenshots of short bits of past or current writing–personal or academic. Personal writing might include text, social media posts, diary entries, poems, stories, fanfiction, etc. You can also include quotes you love, but tell us who said it (after all, this is a course on citations)

Preliminary: Who the heck are you? How the heck are you?

Context: Where do you tend to write? And under what circumstances? (e.g., Alone? In the library? Are you eating? Are you listening to music? Do you have many tabs open? What are they?). Are you forced into these circumstances or do you choose them? Do you wish your circumstances were different? Why or why not? How do you think they might be improved?

Time Management: How would you characterize your current relationship to time? How does this relationship impact your relationship to writing? Do you see yourself as someone who has been successful in your writing assignments even if you wait until the last minute? Why do you suppose that is? A feature of the assignments? A preference for writing under stress? A little bit of both? Do you see yourself as someone who requires ample time to compose your essays? Is this a feature of the assignments? A preference for writing with plenty of time to spare? A little bit of both? Explain.

Previous Habits & Experience: How have your previous courses (WR39B, for example) contributed to your sense of yourself as a writer? Describe two or three tools you picked up from other courses that you feel will help you most in this course and explain. Be specific.

Describe any practices and habits of researching, rhetoric, arguing, writing, thinking, communicating and organizing that you can articulate about yourself (these qualities need not be explored merely in terms of course work).

Setting Goals: Where do you consider that you need the most improvement? Use examples from past writing and communication projects. How would you like to evolve as a writer and researcher? What goals have you set for yourself in this class?

Articulating Concerns: What have you heard about this course and what do you expect to find as a result? Do you have any anxieties about this course so far? Do you feel adequately prepared for this course? What about your past or current experiences contributes to this feeling?

How do you think I can best help you meet your goals and alleviate your concerns?

Anything else you would like to share with me or your classmates?