pk village offers six different types B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

pk village offers six different types B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Auto Detailing Service
PK Village offers, in select locations, full car detailing services. Using a proprietary app, customers make reservations before 10:00PM for the next day. Upon dropping their vehicle for service, customers are offered transportation to destinations located within the service area (5 miles).

Customers are notified though the app when their vehicles are ready for pick-up. They can then confirm pick-up time and location.

Reservations are taken for service starting at 6:30 AM. The last reservation is taken for 3:00 PM. Customers are promised to have their vehicles ready by 8:00 PM, Monday through Saturday. This service is not offered on Sundays.

PK Village offers six different types of detailing services. The estimated time to complete these services, as well as their observed percentages are shown in the table below.

Based on reliable forecasts, the manager of one of PK Village’s detailing shops is expecting the throughput shown below for the last week of January.

PK Village employs a mix of full and part-time detailers. Full time detailers work Monday through Saturday in 8-hour shifts (including a one-hour beak). Part time detailers work 4-hour shifts without breaks. On a fully-allocated basis, the hourly costs of full-time detailers is $11.75. Part-time detailers’ cost is 15% higher.


  • Create an Excel spreadsheet to estimate the number of FTEs required every day of the week and produce a graph showing vehicle throughput and FTE requirements over the planning period.
  • Prepare a letter addressed to the operations manager of PK Village’s Auto Detailing Shop with your staffing recommendation for the week being planned.
    The note should have sections
    (a) describing the opportunity or problem,
    (b) listing assumptions made in the analysis, and
    (c) explaining the methodology used, along with
    (d) justified recommendations.

The most relevant recommendation is a staffing plan for the upcoming week (combination of full-time and part time detailers), justified on cost. Note that the number of full time employees is fixed for the entire week.

Use proper business language and note that the submission will be graded in accordance to the corresponding rubric.

Excel and a Document.