partner partner 1the movie poster W r i t i n g

partner partner 1the movie poster W r i t i n g

Answer the questions on this draft workshop worksheet about your partner’s/partners’ papers after you’ve read it and then upload the filled out worksheet to the discussion board so both your partner

Partner 1

The movie poster for Parasite has a mysterious imagery that makes viewers want to know more. The strips of black and white on those people’s eyes leaves them with a strange yet interesting question. This odd imagery is what makes audience want answers, and the only way they’ll find out is by watching the movie. Let’s not forget the pale legs on the grass that appears on the poster, this will obviously captivate the audience and leave them interested in many things like, what happened, who that is or if they’re dead. There’s just so many peculiar details in this poster that will fetch viewers into watching the movie. Even though not a lot of action is going on, it still gives such a entrancing and curious picture.

Partner 2

The poster for the movie Tag (2015) does a great job of grabbing the viewers attention, while setting the tone with the image of a large group of school girls running in fear. The interesting thing about the scenario is that we don’t have any information about what the girls are running from. This makes the viewers interested because it gives the poster this aura of mystery about what could be chasing them, and why it’s so terrifying and deadly to our characters. The poster also gives off this intense feeling of chaos and confusion that the characters are experiencing. When we look at three characters in the center of the poster, the girl in the center appears to be in some sort of shock, or fear and is completely still, possibly because of the large amounts of blood and the dead bodies behind her, or that she hasn’t quite processed what is happening yet and is lost in everything that’s going on. Continuing from that, the girl on her right looks to be completely terrified and just running frantically, while the girl on her left appears to be confused and is trying to run around and avoid her. The image of a large group of school girls might not seem that interesting at first but, it’s the subtle aspects, that can get the viewer thinking, and make them interested in watching the film.