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Please separate Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1

A major role for talent managers is performance management. Technologies are widely available to assist in effective talent management. Before we can talk about the balance of performance measurement and trust, it’s important to understand what these technologies are and what they can do. Below is a website that describes the purpose of performance management tools to give you a sense of the power and potential in use of such tools. It also allows for a comparison of tools, which will be invaluable for you later on this module! Please skim the website below prior to beginning this discussion.

Technology (Links to an external site.)

As a result of your consulting, Speedy Pro now realizes they need technology to support their talent management efforts. Sal comes to you to talk about technology and what it should look like to promote good TM. You decide you need the answers to Speedy Pro’s specific situation.

Part I: Answer Questions – Please keep the rewrite the question before your answer

As a consultant for Speedy Pro, how would you address the following questions?

  • What is good goal setting?
  • How do you use metrics in order to assess the accomplishment of goals?
  • How would you maximize the use of satisfaction surveys while still maintaining trust in the organization?
  • How will you use technologies to be transparent and inclusive, while promoting employee growth as a talent manager?



Read the following before beginning this discussion:

How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled (Links to an external site.)

If you are interested in learning more, you may want to view the following:

PBS Frontline: Plastic Wars (Links to an external site.) (optional viewing) (54:22)

Recently, it has come to light that the oil industry manipulated data in regards to the recycling of plastics. This is just one example of why the background check of employees is critical to the success of an organization.

  • To what extent does/can a background check mitigate these situations?
  • Integrity of social media as a mechanism for a background check?
  • What data points should be a part of your background investigation? Identify at least 5 for your initial post.
  • What additional data will you need for your analysis?
  • Which of these questions should be a background check and which should be an interview? Why?
  • How could you as a talent manager have helped to prevent the injustice that occurred?