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papers lacking college level writing B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Chapter 7 talked about many concepts pertaining to interpersonal relationships. This assignment covers both chapters. Choose ONE of these movies to watch: On Netflix, you can watch Hitch or the Ugly Truth. On Amazon Prime, you can watch Outsourced or Failure to Launch. These next titles should be available for rent on Google play for $1.99. OR Redbox. Why Did I Get Married (2012) (Links to an external site.) or Free state of Jones (Links to an external site.), Straight out of Compton (Links to an external site.) or Money Monster. (Links to an external site.) You will analyze four aspects of interpersonal relationships and write about them in a two to three page paper using examples from the movie that describe each of the concepts listed below. Integrate the course material and be able to discuss aspects of the relationships you see in the movie using the proper terms.

Items to cover in your paper:

1. Knapp and Vangelisti’s stages of relational development – (Chapter 7 – Model of Interaction stages – starting on p. 159) Choose couples in the movie and discuss the coming together and coming apart stages of their relationships.Make sure you name the stage and what is going on during that stage.

2. Supportive and Defensive Behaviors – (Chapter 7 – Relational Climate – see chart on page 173) – give two examples of supportive behaviors and two examples of defensive behaviors that you observed in the movie. Name the behavior, who said it, and what they said or did to demonstrate that behavior

3. Relational Dialectics – (Chapter 7 – starting on bottom of page 165) – choose one dialectic you observe in one of the couples. Describe the who, what and how of the dialectic.

4. Advice – choose one of the couples and offer at least two pieces of advice about how they could improve their relationship.

This paper should include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, clearly organized body, and concluding paragraph. Spelling and grammar matter and papers lacking college level writing will receive a lower score.