paper must include 4 scholarly sources H u m a n i t i e s

paper must include 4 scholarly sources H u m a n i t i e s

This class is designed so that each week you build on the knowledge you gained the week before. You readings, forums, assignments, and my comments on your assignments helped develop your understanding of literature. Therefore, this paper is a cumulative reflection of what it is you have learned in this class. Consider it a final exam, as I will be grading it as such.

  • Read John Steinbeck’s short story, “The Chrysanthemums” beginning on page 226 in our textbook. It is also posted in this unit in Moodle. Be certain to correctly cite the version you choose.
  • Choose one of the following questions on which to base your thesis:
  • Analyze the plot in terms of its exposition, complication, crises, falling action, and denouncement. 
  • Examine the relationships between the two main characters.
  • Discuss the irony and symbolism found in the story.
  • Describe how setting plays a role in the story. 


  • Your paper must be at least 7 pages long. I will accept papers up to 9 pages long. This does not include the Works Cited page.
  • Your paper must include 4 scholarly sources that are referenced in your paper. You may use Literature, An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Writing as a source of information as an outside source. The short story by Steinbeck is a primary source; therefore, you will have at least 4 sources referenced in your paper and on the works cited page. You MUST use the Cochise College library for critiques, reviews, and summaries. The best search engines are Literature Criticism Online and Literature Resource Center. If you need help, let me know. No Wikipedia, or other non-literary sources.
  • It must include a Works Cited page. This must follow MLA guidelines. You may also use Also, chapters 42 & 43 and 46 in our textbook are excellent resources. Do NOT use a works cited generator. The information is often formatted incorrectly.
  • ALL sources on your Works Cited page MUST be cited in your paper and follow MLA guidelines.
  • Write the question you are responding to under the title of your paper, then begin your paper under the question. 
  • Your paper must reflect elements of fiction you have learned throughout this course. This is NOT a summary of the story or an opinion piece. This is a literary critique. 
  • Underline your thesis. Papers that do not have an underlined thesis will not be considered for a grade. This means it is a failing paper. 
  • Your paper must include 4 to 5 quotes, a sentence or two long, to support your research. Do not use too many quotes, as this paper is to be in your own words.

*Things to consider:

  • One of your sources should be about the author so that you understand him as well as the time in history the story was written.
  • Make sure your paper is in present tense.