one specific audience — provide W r i t i n g

one specific audience — provide W r i t i n g

Think about the research you conducted for your annotated bibliography, and decide which audience would benefit from this information. Why would they benefit, and what would be the best way to convey this information to them?

You have already started to do some of this thinking in the conclusion of your annotated bibliography, but now you need to pick a specific group with whom to share your research. These guidelines will help you reflect on the information you’ve gathered about your subject matter and choose a compelling genre for your audience.

Note: This is a two-part assignment.

Part One: Reflection and Genre Analysis

Write a two-page reflection on how to best use the information you gathered and the knowledge you gained when compiling your annotated bibliography.

In your reflection address the following (refer to Micro-Activity #s 17 and 18 to help you complete this):

  • Tell me about your one specific audience—provide a brief description so I understand who they are, why you chose them, and how this research relates to them. How much do they know about the subject? What assumptions, expectations, and/or concerns might they have about the subject?
  • Give two to three well-developed reasons why you think this information is useful for this particular audience. Also, what is your purpose in sharing this information with them? Are you trying to inform, persuade, or get them to act in some way? Or is there another purpose you have in mind?
  • What genre would you choose for reaching this audience? Why? In other words, does your choice relate to this audience’s interest, age, or a community they are part of? Or something else?
    • Genres you might consider include the following: news report, pamphlet, article in a particular kind of magazine or newspaper, YouTube video, podcast, song lyrics, speech, Wikipedia entry, letter to a particular political figure. (These are just examples but the point is to pick a genre that would reach and appeal to your audience.)
  • Make a list of the traits specific to this genre, and find a couple of key traits that are critical to its effectiveness. For example, background music is a key component of an effective podcast.

Part Two: Writing in a genre

Take your research and draft a document for your specific audience. Write your piece using the format and conventions of the genre you have chosen and analyzed: be sure to pay attention to the unique qualities of your genre, and incorporate traits from the list you made earlier.

Your objective is to share your research with your specific audience in order to accomplish your desired goal (which you identified in your reflection).

Note: There is no particular word count for this portion of the assignment as the length will be determined by the genre in which you choose to work.