objectivesa brief literature reviewproposed research approach H u m a n i t i e s

objectivesa brief literature reviewproposed research approach H u m a n i t i e s

Topic: Learn from luxury brands, how to enhance the popularity of domestic brands in the world (China’s brands)

The proposal will include:

A working title for the project

Introduction: research background/ motivation, research question and objectives

A brief literature review

Proposed research approach and the rationales

Execution plan on completing the research project, potential risks of the research project and feasibility analysis.

1. Introduction

Research Background:

Real world background: What are the real business challenges?

Literature background: What is the existing understanding/debate so far?)

Motivation: Why did you choose this topic?

Research Objectives and Research Questions

Clearly state the objectives and specific questions; avoid vague RQs.

Ensure that each of the questions can be answered, and that the objectives are achievable.

Leave the reader in no doubt about what your work aims to achieve

Do not list too many or too few (1 research question)

2. Literature Review

The literature review of the proposal should be kept succinct.

➢ to avoid self‐plagiarism in final dissertation.

You need to use the reviewed papers to inform and justify your own research in some ways,

e.g. : It motivates your own research. It uses a research method that you will use. It answers questions related to your research question. It shows the interest and importance in the broad area to which your research topic belongs. The paper, though good, can be improved further, and the purpose of your paper is to improve on the paper in some ways.

3. Research Methods

Clearly identify the method(s) you plan to use

Explain how each method fits into you objectives

Link to the literature –have other papers used the same methodology?

Provide a brief discussion of how you will employ each method?

Any consideration on the data availability and sources?

Include a statement in this section about research ethics and how your work recognizes any concerns

4. Execution Plan

Convince the reader that the work can be completed within the time allowed

Consider carefully the time needed to implement the proposed research, including but not limited to know well the literature and methods, collect and analyze data, write up the dissertation.

Discuss any skills you need to learn, and whether you think you can learn these in time.

Demonstrate your awareness of the possible risks throughout the FYP process and the potential contingency plan to mitigate the impacts of the risks.

References Harvard style