new york times article written H u m a n i t i e s

new york times article written H u m a n i t i e s

A very easy five page essay on how the state of the UAE should move forward. I will include the sources of Bob Allen, a New York Times article written on the leadership, and Alfahim’s piece. I have included three previous essay of the course which have all received an A that could help you to establish concepts. I have also attached an essay that is exactly on this paper that you could reference on how to write the paper (it received an A) (you could basically rewrite this essay but add something from the New York Times article).

Here is the prompt given:

For the paper, think in terms of policy memo. Rely on what you have learned in this class (Lachmann, Gelvin, Owen). In five normally-formatted pages, try to outline the roads taken by the UAE from past to future.

Economy: what was it like before 1960? What is it now? (Use Bob Allen) Where is it going, as planned, in the future? What are the pitfalls to be avoided? Perhaps, you could recall the past examples of defensive developmentalism, what failed the ‘Arab socialisms’?

Military: again, what was it like in tribal society before 1960? What is it now? (Universal conscription service introduced in 2015, the wars which the UAE forces fought), the future projection, what kind of conflict does the UAE prepare to fight? Use the NYTimes articles about the vision of Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

State power: what was it before 1960? Why did the seven emirates unite? Where might they be headed in the future? (More union or less? Stronger federal government or more devolution of powers to the local level? Will there be more taxes or less? Why collect the taxes at all?)

Ideology: What is heritage and its uses? In what could the UAE take pride? What does it mean to be Emirati? (Use Al Fahim’s book.) Are there ideologies that the UAE opposes? Why?

Please, re-read and think. Can you outline a better future for the UAE, based on everything you learned so far?