new students arriving next year W r i t i n g

new students arriving next year W r i t i n g

Assignment 1: Please answer the questions below, in full details. Also, please start each question with “according to the article”.


The Global Economy, the Privileged Class…

1. According to the article, what has happened to employment in the postindustrial service economy?

2. According to the article. Is the “end of lifetime employment “a result of “natural economic laws”, as many politicians have claimed for decades?

3. How has globalization impacted the American worker? (Be specific, the article provides detailed explanation)

The End of Work

4. We are told by the media that rising unemployment is only a temporary effect of the economic downturn. Based on the article, what is really happening to work?

5. Why are corporations “re-engineering” when the cost to the workforce can be as much as 75% layoffs.

6. According to the article, what are some of the possible outcomes of widespread unemployment – a world without work?

Is Wal-Mart Good For America?

7. Well, is it?


Globetrotting Sneaker

8. Based on what you learned from this article, why do you think the majority of these workers are women?

9. Is there anything wrong with advertising these products (sneakers) in these poor countries?

10. Are foreign corporations benefiting the poor countries of the world by setting up shop there?

Because She Looks Like a Child

11. Explain how local cultural attitudes contribute to the cycle of prostitution.

12. Explain how the global economic boom (which a. introduced Western consumer goods, and b. brought higher wages to factory laborers), feeds into sex slavery.

13. Explain the principles of debt-bondage on which this system operates.

Assignment 2: MLA FORMAT: When you’ll work on 1.18 Multimodal Composition (page 26-27) as a PowerPoint presentation. This will be the culmination of the project for you – we will not write the essay or article, just make the PowerPoint.

For this assignment, as in the assignment for An Article on Delayed Gratification for Incoming Students (1.16), you will be composing a message for next year’s incoming students at your college. For this assignment, however, you are invited to deliver that message, not as an essay, but as a narrated PowerPoint, video, podcast, blog, or website.

Your composition should grow out of your reading, your discussion, your writing, and your thinking about delayed gratification. Your audience for this composition is students who will be arriving at your institution next year. Your composition is intended to give new students advice about delayed gratification—what it is, when it is a good strategy, and how one might be successful at doing it. Support your argument with information from the articles you have read or others you locate yourself and/or with examples from your own life or from the lives of people you know.

Your composition, if accepted by the college’s New Student Orientation Committee, will be presented to new students arriving next year, to help them understand how to be more successful in college.

Documentation. If you do quote, paraphrase, or summarize material from the articles you have read, be sure to provide appropriate documentation and to include a works cited list or list of references at the end of your essay. If you need to review how to provide this documentation, refer to MLA Documentation (Topic 23) or APA Documentation (Topic 24).