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new fall basketball league called B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

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Scenario: New York Giants Rebranding Request for Proposal (RFP)

You and your colleagues work for one of the largest Sports Advertising Agencies in the World. Recently you received a Request for Proposal (RFP) from the New York Giants. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has indicated that ticket sales, merchandise sales, and engagement by fans, participants and spectators have dwindled. Market research has shown that men and women under 25 years old from the NY, NJ, and CT area don’t associate with the NY Giants because they find games to be for a “old people.” It is still uncertain however if this is the only reason for dwindling ticket sales, merchandise, and engagement.

One of the items that the owners of the NY Giants and the CMO are discussing is whether they should completely rebrand the team, do a branding update, or just leave it as is. In addition the team solely focuses on ticket sales and traditional advertising via their website, newspapers, and discounted merchandise through the Knights of Columbus and the Elks Lodge.

Another challenge that the Giants are facing is the uptake in the popularity of the new Fall Basketball League called the FNBA. Two FNBA teams have recently built an outdoor arena near MetLife Stadium with world class restaurants, bars, and pop up tailgating tents that come with a stocked fridge, outdoor kitchen consisting of food and beverages can be rented for a reasonable price. Many fans and spectators of this new league like the convenience factor for tailgating and like that they also have restaurants and bars they can go to and are mesmerized by the experience. In addition the FNBA and this new team have created an interactive digital experience outside of the arena for fans utilizing an omni-channel approach.

In the RFP the NY Giants specifically asked for recommendations on branding, modernization of the NY Giants experience, as well as recommendations for how to engage customers digitally in both the personnel and media non-personal-promotions space. They have also asked for recommendations of channel distribution of tickets sales and merchandise as well as recommendations on how they engage fans and spectators in different ways.

Your task is to put together a strategic marketing plan and presentation that you will present to faculty, alumni, and leaders in the sports industry. This panel will be representing the NY Giants and provide feedback and input on your marketing plan which will be incorporated into your grade.

• Utilization of four outside references must be used as well including one article from a scholarly journal (i.e. HBR, etc).

• References:

o Footnotes and referencing should be completed in APA (American Psychological Association) format and should include in text citations or reference numbers.

o Credible references must be used for this term paper. Wikipedia cannot be used.