nationalism class discussion board .—————————- nationalismno unread replies H u m a n i t i e s

nationalism class discussion board .—————————- nationalismno unread replies H u m a n i t i e s

Now the assignment:

1. First, let’s define nationalism as it is a modern idea. It did not exist during the time of kings when one’s loyalty was to the royal person. We need a good definition of nationalism, in your own words and not one from the dictionary. As a group you are going to come up with a definition. Follow the instructions below. Keep in mind that your group discussion will become part of the class discussion. Be critical and thoughtful. It shouldn’t be too broad or too narrow.

  • Review the chapter and the rubric for this assignment.
  • Post your own response or thoughts below.
  • As a group create a definition that incorporates everyone’s ideas. I will be watching so that means you cannot simply post one definition and everyone agree to it. Everyone must contribute and come to consensus.
  • This discussion must take place on Canvas in this discussion board.

2. Post your group definition to the class discussion on the Nationalism class discussion board.



No unread replies.No replies.

1. Post your group’s definition by the Thursday of the week. Read and comment on the definitions that the other groups come up with. Did they have something that was not in your definition? Are they missing something and if so what is it?

3. We need to agree on a final class definition. What components should it have? It needs to be a synthesis of the points of agreement on points of agreement. Make your choice known and why.

4. Finally, does this advertisement work with the final definition? Should it even be considered, why or why not? Post your thoughts.

5. Check the rubric by clicking on the wheel on the upper right hand side of this assignment. Participation and significant contributions is the key for a good grade for discussion assignments. Don’t limit yourself in your number of posts.


I just need a definition for Nationalism using your own words. And than 3 or 4 responses to student posts.