museo la venta museum .• F o r e i g n L a n g u a g e s

museo la venta museum .• F o r e i g n L a n g u a g e s

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Hello my name is …. The Mexican state that I have chosen to do is Tabasco.

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The capital of Tabasco is Villahermosa. The image on the top left is where you can see the location of Tabasco, right underneath that image is the flag. Some interesting facts I found out is

-The state is said to have more water than land.

-Additionally, it is largely a rural land that is covered in marshland and forest.

-Notably, the state is good for agriculture.

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When you travel from San Diego to Tabasco the duration by car is approximately 40 hours.

However, the duration by plane is approximately 10 hours and 2 mins as you do have 2 stops.

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In this slide I will talk about the music traditions in Tabasco.

•The nature of music in Tabasco is broad.

•Tamborileros, traditional music of Tabasco, Mexico.

•One of the songs is King of the Accordion.

•The song was sang by Ramon Ayala.

•The genre of the music is a norteño.

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The foods in Tabasco are the most tasteful and delicious dish.

•The most popular type of food in Tabasco is Fish.

•The most popular fruits there include: Sapote, plantains, and papaya.

•The traditional drinks taken in Tabasco include; chocolate, Balché, chorote, and pozol.

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The historical events that occurred in Tabasco are:

•Tabasco was founded approximately 10,000 years ago.

•The city was founded as a result of the Olmec Civilization site.

•The city gained its state independent in the year 1824.

•However, the Spanish arrived at the city in the year 1518.

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In this slide I will discussing the touristic places in Tabasco.

•One of the touristic place in Tabasco is Villahermosa.

•Villahermosa is mostly known for architectural, cultural and historic attractions.

•Being the city of Tabasco, the city was founded in the early 1500s.

•The city’s major touristic features include; the local sea food, excursions on the Grijalva River, and Olmec and Maya ruins.

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What I found interesting about this Mexican state is that

•The state’s name was derived from the word “tlapaco,” which means humid land.

•Tabasco is usually known as the place where chocolate originated from.

•The state has very nice touring areas such as the Parque-Museo La Venta museum.

•Being located in a tropical zone, the state experiences a hot climate.

Tabasco is one of Mexico’s main oil-producing zones, and oil is a major factor in the state’s economy and that of the nation as a whole.

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The reason as to why the state is an excellent choice to visit is because of the following reasons:

•First, the state has many wetlands, rivers and lakes.

•Besides, its geographical profile is basically made up of tropical forests which are the main features there.

•Apart from the forests, the state also has valleys, mountains and an area of savanna.

•Finally, the state has museums and parks, accompanied by good hotels and restaurants such as

Chely, Dolce Amaro, Emiliano Zapata and many others.

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The five words that I have chosen to describe the state is:

•Attractive- the place is pleasing and charming.

•Wetland- It is largely covered by water more than land.

•Cosmopolitan- Appealing to every person across the globe.

•Bustling- Considering the tropical forests in the state, the place is full of life and energy.

•Homey- The state is really fascinating and inviting.