mla format listing image sources O t h e r

mla format listing image sources O t h e r

Adopt a Pet from an Animal Shelter” Poster

The poster has thrived as an art form as well as a powerful tool of communication. The poster has also been an effective tool of persuasion, a great force for change and a mighty political weapon, as we have seen in examples of propaganda, advertisements, and government program posters (see Chapters 11, 12, 14, 15, 17 to 21).

For this project create a poster promoting a campaign to “Adopt a Pet from an Animal Shelter”. Your poster’s design must be based upon two or more of the historical design styles discussed during class and in the textbook reading assignments. Many of these styles were created in a time when graphic design was used to encourage people to vote, volunteer to support a cause, join the armed forces, or even protest or support war. (Examples; Plakatstil posters, WPA posters, Propaganda posters, Constructivist posters)

The colors, slogan and amount of words are completely up to you. The poster must include text and images.


Complete this task by using any medium including Illustrator, Photoshop (PowerPoint is acceptable), photomontage, collage, or it may be created by hand.

For your poster think about composition, hierarchy, legibility, readability, concept development, graphic design history and how to use these elements to promote this theme and attract the viewer.

Once completed upload the image to Canvas as a PDF, JPG or TIFF file using the file name Your last name_Poster. (Example Smith_Poster).

In addition to the poster, write a short essay (250 words minimum) on your design process. Discuss the choice of visual elements and typography, the design styles you’ve studied that influenced your design and how you’ve utilized these design techniques to attract and persuade the viewer. Upload your essay to Canvas in Word or PDF format using the filename format Your last name_PosterEssay (example Smith_PosterEssay). Along with your essay, include a bibliography in MLA format listing image sources and other resources (beyond the textbook) for your project.