might “ old school ” companies find W r i t i n g

might “ old school ” companies find W r i t i n g

1) LEGO-related article:

The Abstract from the article states: “We define digital leadership as doing the right things for the strategic success of digitalization for the enterprise and its business ecosystem. Digital leadership means thinking differently about business strategy, business models, the IT function, enterprise platforms, mindsets and skill sets, and the workplace.” How is this approach different from, and supposedly better than, more ‘traditional’ approaches to leadership and strategy? To put it into more colloquial language: Why the fuss?! (Note: Don’t just list differences; explain the benefits of the approach/perspective presented in the article.) Use the thinking from the article to inform your response.

2) Improvisation-related article:

Correct Question: You are in a conversation with your boss (or with some relatively high-ranking manager in your organization). Your boss has heard about this article and has expressed some skepticism on whether or not “Digital Capabilities” can really enhance (or “unleash the power” as stated in the article’s title) “Managerial Improvisation. How would you respond to this individual?

Note: You may agree with that person, so build your discussion around that idea. Or, you may want to argue that “Digital Capabilities” really can “Unleash the Power of Managerial Capabilities,” so build your discussion around that idea. Be sure to move beyond the ideas presented in the article to make your case. Be serious, for you are trying to engage with a higher-level manager or decision-maker in your organization, but you can stretch a bit, too.

Old Question … not the one that was intended: Why might “old school” companies find it easier to successfully “navigate a digital transformation?” Why might “old school” companies find it more difficult? (Explain … be careful not to be too brief.) If you have already answered this in relation to managerial improvisation, you may submit that.

Please upload a copy through the Assignments section of Canvas. Make sure it is stapled together if it is more than one page in length! Of course, also include your name! This should be a total of no more than 2 single-spaced pages.

Please single-space, use 1-inch margins all around, and use a 12-point font (Times New Roman is preferred).

Clearly indicate the start of each question (i.e., something more than just a new paragraph) with a number. You may restate/repeat the question, but that does reduce the space you have to provide your answer/ideas. Use paragraphs to break up and present your answer, i.e., a long, single paragraph will usually not be sufficient, or appropriate. Breaking material into bullet points is also OK in many cases (but don’t do this for paragraphs).

As you might expect, it is very important to actively practice good writing skills, including proper sentence structure, punctuation, etc. Poorly written material can/will detract from even great ideas; if you can’t communicate the idea successfully, your great idea may be misunderstood, discounted, or ignored. Therefore, (too many) mechanical mistakes in your writing can/will result in a lower grade. If/When you directly quote material or when you include material from other sources, be sure to properly cite and reference the sources (using an appropriate structure/format).

And, try to not just repeat the outline of major sections/subsections from the article, i.e., work to put things in your own words and with your own emphasis.