middle childhood span several years H u m a n i t i e s

middle childhood span several years H u m a n i t i e s

Early through middle childhood span several years. Social development and peer groups become more important for them. Anxiety of school, peers, and caregivers can begin to weigh on these children. The following assignments are in two parts. Challenge yourself to utilize your theory/theories and techniques but also creative therapies that are beneficial to children at this age.

For this part of the assignment, read the following case study and create a dialogue with your client/student. The dialogue should look like a transcription. For example, see below:

Counselor: Welcome, Claire, I’m happy to see you again.

Client/Student: You’re welcome.

The dialogue should utilize your theory/theories which you will identify by the sentence when you use it. Your theoretical approach should be seen at least 3 times in the transcript.

Counselor: I want you to tell me on a scale of 1-10… (Solution focused)

The dialogue should identify the issue and how you would approach the issue for the child. You may identify several issues, but as the counselor, you must discern how to identify one to work on. Write a short reflection (1-2 paragraphs) about your dialogue, your theory/theories, and the process of identifying the issue you and the client/student will work on.

Creativity in counseling has been found to be very beneficial to clients/students. There are so many ways to work with clients that involve different kinds of mediums which may allow the client/student to delve deeper into the issues addresses.

For this assignment, research some creative therapies that may work with this client/student from assignment 3.1 (art, biblio, music, animal assisted, horticulture, mindfulness, etc.). Answer the following questions in a narrative APA format:

  1. Introduction
  2. Description of the creative therapy picked
  3. description/certifications necessary/materials needed
    1. how has it been used before? Benefits/drawbacks
    2. why chosen for this client/student?
  4. Types of sessions
  5. describe at least 3 sessions that you would have with this client/student utilizing the creative therapy
  6. Personal reflection why you were drawn to the therapy
    1. utilizes your theory/theories of choice?
    2. interest in it before?
    3. are there any multicultural implications/considerations with this therapy?