media outlets .” – page 288 – krutz H e a l t h M e d i c a l

media outlets .” – page 288 – krutz H e a l t h M e d i c a l

This is the 2nd part of “Power of the Press.” Make sure you have read Part One: Link.

As a society we expect the news to be professional, neutral, and based on facts.

“One of the primary reasons citizens turn to the media is for news. We expect the media to cover important political and social events and information in a concise and neutral manner.” – page 288

On the other hand, we know that news is influenced by many other sources.

“The work of the news media differs from public relations, which is communication carried out to improve the image of companies, organizations, or candidates for office. Public relations is not a neutral information form. While journalists write stories to inform the public, a public relations spokesperson is paid to help an individual or organization get positive press. Public relations materials normally appear as press releases or paid advertisements in newspapers and other media outlets.” – page 288

– Krutz, G. S. (2017). American Government. Houston, TX: Rice University.

Please write a press release for something of interest to you. You will submit this electronically via Canvas by the due date. An “A” paper is one that is ready to be submitted to the media. Peer guidance and support are vital, so it is acceptable to obtain feedback from your friends and colleagues and incorporate their suggestions into your final submission.

The point of this class is for you to appreciate your voice as your social work tool for advocacy; this voice is the spoken word, written documents, or creative endeavors. A press release helps you to expand your voice to market the program or initiative that you want to promote.

There are numerous sources of information to guide you on how to write a press release on the internet including this video.

How to write a press release that gets the media’s attention (Links to an external site.)How to write a press release that gets the media's attention