maintain high quality management throughout project development W r i t i n g

maintain high quality management throughout project development W r i t i n g

submit the task 1 (work proposal) in 12 hrs.

Task1 – Submit assignment work proposal for this assignment on or before 29/10/2020, 23:59 which must include: (10 Marks)

 Understanding of deliverables – a detail description of deliverables. [4 marks]

 General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding of solution to task3 and task4. [4 marks]

 Timeline for completion of the given tasks. [2 marks]

2) Task2 – Research and Literature for selecting project and solving task 3 and task 4. The following is expected:

You should perform a comprehensive Literature review, at least 10 resources in total, which can include: books – research articles – popular websites, and must be coherently presented for selected information systems project and for task3 of this assignment. You must also critic the selected references. Review must be well written using reflective sentences and must not be simple ‘cut and paste’. Must follow CU-Harvard referencing style. (10 Marks)

3) Task3 – For the selected information systems project submit the project initiation report (PIR). The PIR must include the following: (70 Marks)

    1. Study and analysis the requirements/needs of the project. Clearly mentioning the reasons forundertaking the project. Minimum ten project requirements/needs are expected. [10 marks]
    2. For the selected information system project write the project scope statement. This must include:  Specific objectives of project.  Select and justify the proposed technology that will be used to complete the project [20 marks]
    1. Stakeholder analysis. This must include:
      •  Stakeholder identification and categorizing them into internal and external. Minimum five stakeholders are expected.
      •  Role(s) of stakeholders
      •  Stakeholder communication plan [20 marks]
    2. Non-Functional (resource) requirements and detailing when the resources are needed during theproject. [10 marks]
    3. As a project manager, for the selected project, analyze the factors that is needed to maintain High Quality Management throughout project development. [10 marks]
  1. 4) Task4 – Recognize the influence of the selected information systems project on the society or on any organization. Also how does ethical standards will be achieved in the selected information systems project?

– check the attached file for the requirements and guidelines.

– word count must be at least 2500 words.

– submit the task 1 (work proposal) in 12 hrs.

– must be between 10-12 pages