linked sumand average tab uses data H e a l t h M e d i c a l

linked sumand average tab uses data H e a l t h M e d i c a l

  • Assignment 5 Spreadsheet Directions:

Using Excel or Numbers (Mac) you will be creating a spreadsheet workbook with multiple (labeled) tabs. Each tab will have specific data and require you to use formulas. The example under the Modules Tab in Canvas will show you what the completed spreadsheet workbook should look like. You will include your own data. Do Not use the data in the example.

  • Main Data Tab:

20 subjects (students, clients, etc.); these are “virtual” subjects – not actual – they can be athletes, high school students, older adults, school-aged children.

SIX Variables, not including a number column if used – variables are items/events, etc. that are measured and recorded – and will contribute to your formulas. For example two of the variables must be height and weight. A third variable must be BMI. You will need to add in three additional variables to be measured. What variables you include in your spreadsheet is up to you; the content is less important than the purpose (to demonstrate spreadsheet skills).

At least FIVE different formulas; they must include mean and standard deviation for each column of data, and BMI calculation. You will need two others. You will need to create the BMI formula. Mean and SD can be found in the in the formula builder in Excel (same for Apple’s Numbers). Formulas help you interpret your data, and working with formulas will increase your skill in using them.

  • Sorted Tab:

A “sorted” sheet : You can choose the variable by which the table is to be sorted, but all the data from the main data tab must be included in the sort.

  • Linked Sum and Average Tab:

One formula must be: A “linked” formula (mean/average is good) using a “linked” sheet the formula operates between two spreadsheets – see the video tutorial that will walk you through completing a linked sum and average page under the Modules Tab in Canvas. The linked sumand average tab uses data from the main data sheet in the formula.

  • Graphs Tab:

ONE scatter plot of the height and weight, ONE column graph comparing at least TWO variables other than height and weight from your main data tab, and ONE pie chart illustrating the data of one subject from the main data table. You must include a brief description of the subject you chose (see the sample under the modules tab in Canvas). Charts should have an appropriate title, legend and variables identified and should have an appropriately shaded background – make it pop from the page. The charts should present three different pieces of information regarding your data.